Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deqlan meets Debbie

Keaton and Debbie playing with the ball
Deqlan showing Debs how he does his puzzle
This is your ear, this is your eye, this is your noise game with Mark!
Benny enjoying some attention from Debs
Debs and her Dad
Keaton washing the dogs bowls
Grandpa and his boys - they both gave him a huge hug at the same time, and i had my camera, how lucky was i!
Debbie watching Deqlan in the jacuzzi
Peek a boo!!
Keaton and Deqlan playing peek a boo with Debbie
This was at Irene farm - Deqlan wasnt happy at all - he wanted to jump in the fountain and swim - i let him put his legs in , but had to stop him jumping in cause i dont think the owners woudl be to happy, and their were some little creatures swimming in the water! We were about to take Deqlan home as he could just not settle and then these twins came along, and calmed him- he was so taken with the little boy and was touching him and stroking his face and laughing with him!
Beautiful Deqlan, we are so blessed!
The boys trying to make a plan to get it!
Debs and Deqlan share a lovely moment
Some Christmas goodies from Canada! The Christmas baubles have our names on - we already had these, but Deqlan pulled our tree over last year and they all broke! thanks so much Debs for bringing these for us they such a special part of Christmas for me!
The stunning frog pendant and necklace Debs brought for me, knowing how important and signifcant frogs are to us - thank you Debs, i will treasure this always, its so beautiful and will always remind me of you!
Deqlans guardian angel - painted by Anne, the most lovely lady from our church - can you believe, she chose green to paint the background without knowing how much this colour means to us - the pose the little boy is making, is how Deqlan often stands holding his arm,she didnt know that either! needless to say i was amazed - so beautiful, thanks so much Anne we shall treasure this always
Thomas books for Deqlan from Debbie!

All of the lovely goodies , we were spoilt rotten, thanks so so so much Debbie!
Meeting Debbie for the first time! Debs bought the most gorgeous Thomas which lights up, makes sounds and moves - its so lovely and Deqlan LOVES him! Thank you Debbie for everything, but the greatest gift is having you here!

its really wonderful to have Debbie here! We have loved catching up with Debbie and hearing how everyone is, how they have grown, how different things are in Canada! I thoroughly enjoyed some photos Debs showed me of the snow in Canada and how the have to shovel the driveways and streets just to get their cars on the road! Its fall in Canada now, and Debs showed us some magnificent images of the red and orange leaves on the tree's so beautiful!! We also loved seeing how big the kids have gotten, and so so tall! Debbies stepson has Aspergers, also on the autism spectrum, so you can imagine we have lots to talk about and share!

Deqlan has taken to Debs very well and smiled at first meeting her and even offered her a kiss in his hand and our now good jacuzzi partners to!

Debs spoilt us rotten with stunning gifts from Canada - see the photos!

But the favorite by far was a stunning Thomas that lights up and makes train sounds ! Deqlan LOVES his new Thomas, thanks so much Debs, and we will be reminded of you each time he plays with him! Thank you so so so much for the beautiful Thomas books to, the beautiful dream catcher, the dream jar, the beautiful inspirational pen and books, the Cedarmont Christmas dvds, the Christmas balls, the book on toilet training i have been wanting to get my hands on for ages and for the most beautiful necklace with a frog on, which i shall treasure always and forever! As you know FROGS are very dear and near to our heart! This one is made of Hermatite, also known as Alaska black diamond- its to beautiful! Thanks Debs for all the beautiful gifts, but the greatest gift of all is having you hear!!!

On Tuesday we took Debbie to have lunch at Irene dairy farm, its so beautiful and we really love it there - Deqlan actually did say moo when he saw the cows ,which i was so excited about! keaton couldnt stop saying moo and pointing and even told us that the cow had a poo poo!!!
New words for the week
wowwee - when deqlan finishes his puzzle, he looks at me and says wow wee!! to adorable for words
ba - for bus
oh dear
oh no
JACUZZI BOY - thats Deqlans new nick name - even with Nanna and Grandpa being away this week, i have still brought Deqlan for his daily jacuzzi. On Wednesday he was in for 2 hours, a new record, previously around 1 and a half hours. Yesterday he was in for 3 hours, couldnt believe it! Today, we have been in for an hour so far and going strong! He just loves loves loves the water, the bubbles and jets definitely have a calming effect on him, he is alot calmer in the afternoons and sleeping a lot better - although much later then normal- he is in such a routine with Nanna , that when she is not here, the mice come out to play, and Deqlan doesnt want to sleep until he is so tired, he eventually cant keep his eyes open anymore!
I hear that the trip to the game farm Grandpa, Nanna and Debs had was excellent and Debbie got some amazing photos cant wait to see!
I have been so excited this week ready the new Jenny Mccarthy Book - HEALING AND PREVENTING AUTISM - She has written it together with her son, Evans doctor, Dr Jerry and its just amazing - i am loving every word , every sentence - we are doing a lot of the things they suggest already - but now i have a greater understanding of when to take that vitamin and why, causes for the digestive issues, understanding that the gut is actually 80% of our immune system - why proteins cause havoc and why the gluten free casein free diet can be so succesful in kids with autism! I am loving it!!! I cant wait to get onto the book Debbie brought either - Toilet training for kids om the spectrum - kids on the spectrum ae known to be extra extra difficult to potty train for a lot of reasons, including how terrifying the sound of the toilet flushing can be, it could be sensory reasons, that the lid is painful for them, and the list goes on....Deqlan is showing us signs that he may be ready, so we are going to give it a bash and let Deqlan lead us and we will know when he is ready and we shall be extra patient with him on this big step!
Nanna is reading another very medical biomedical book which she is also enjoying and learning from and sharing with me - so much is falling into place now, so much is making sense!
Speaking of big steps - wow, Deqlan continues to make them. Yesterday, Gaynor popped in to say hi as she was seeing a client in the estate we live in. I was busy bathing Deqlan at the time, so we stood and chatted for a bit watching Deqlan enjoying his bath. When Gaynor was ready to leave, she said bye bye to Deqlan and then, Deqlan smiled at her and said Bye Bye , see see! Well, that was my in laughter of joy and Gaynor in tears of joy - she was so happy that Deqlan has finally given her a response back, and an appropriate one at the right time! Wow, we are so proud of you Deqlan.
Its when people havent seen Deqlan in a while that you really notice the massive changes happening in him every single week - its wonderful to hear people telling us how much eye contact Deqlan has, how happy he looks, how much more interaction he is giving, words, we are so blessed, thank You Lord! and thank you for your continued prayers for our beautiful boy!
last night, Meggie and I went to our weekly adult instruction class and we did Stations of the cross - it was beautiful. There are 14 stations, displayed in pictures around our church. Each station stands for a very significant piece of the passion. Jesus picking up his cross, Jesus falling with the cross, Jesus wiping away tears, Jesus falling with the cross again, the soldiers stripping him of his clothes and dignity, being nailed onto the cross, and finally dying to save us from our sins etc. Each station also showed us how this applies in our lives and how we carry our crosses everyday - and to follow the example of Jesus, to continue getting up - to see Jesus in everyone and to help everyone as he was truly moving and beautiful..

Hope you all have a great weekend , we have lots planned and i think the next few days must be the busiest birthday time in the year, so i am going to wish you all now just in case i cant get to the pc over the weekend and on Monday, so here we go:

Happy Birthday to Heidi for tommorow 17 october! I hope you have the most wonderful day full of everything you wish yourself and that you feel all the love poured onto you from your beautiful kids! thanks for all your love and support and prayers Heidi, i am so glad our friendship has grown!
Happy Birthday to Bronwyn for Sunday, hope its an extra special day! Thank you for all you are doing to help us!
Happy Birthday Stef also for Sunday! Hope you have an awesome day and fantastic year ahead! Thanks to you to for all your support and help with all our projects, may you be blessed!
Happy Birthday Sands for Monday, we hope you have a lovely birthday and many many more. Even though you are so many thousands of miles from us, you are still thought of today and every day, sending you all our love and prayers , have a lovely day Sands
Happy Birthday Louise! Have a lovely lovely day and may Our Lord continue to rain His blessings down on your and your beautiful family!
Happy Birthday Christelle for Monday! We wish you a very Happy Birthday and many many more, may all your dreams come true in the year to come!
Happy Birthday Tania also for Monday, hope you have a wonderful day and blessed year ahead!

God Bless, lots and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark,Deqlan Bev and family,
It is really lovely to hear how Deqlan is doing.
We give all the praise and honour to Jesus ,who keeps his promosis.
Continue to pray for Deqlan,and for patience and strengh for you all.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your wats acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
GOd richest blessing
LOts of love
Ruth xx