Monday, October 26, 2009


Please see following urgent prayer request from Gill:

Hi Everyone
I have an urgent prayer request - for Christopher Beets from Nelspruit. Chris has the same tumour Dec had. Rhabdo Myosarcoma. I remember that when Chris had his first surgery, he gave us so much hope, as his tumour “fell out” according to the doctors and so when Dec went in to have his tumour removed, we had hoped for the same thing. Chris’s’ tumour is also growing in the eye area so there were many similarities between the boys. I spoke to his mom Lauren, when Dec was still here and she is so very strong and positive and optimistic.
Chris has been doing really well. He had radiation recently and we were all so hopeful that a last little bit more of chemo would do the trick and then he would be all better. His mom posted a message on his site on Saturday that I saw today. Chris went for a check up and there is a new tumour that pushed through the skull and into the brain. Tomorrow at 8am, they are doing a big fat operation to cut it out. They will have to cut some skull and it seems that at some stage in the future he will lose his eye as well. Lauren and Lee, Chris’s parents are so hoping and praying he doesn’t have to lose his eye and maybe they will get that miracle. Right now, tomorrow is all important and what we must focus on. The op must go well – they must get all of that horrible ugly mean monster out and Chris must recover and we must soon see a note on his site NED – NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. This little boy has his whole life ahead of him. He is so brave and courageous and wise and his parents are so very proud of him and his attitude to his fight. Unlike Dec, Chris is old enough to know what is happening to him and how dangerous his illness is and yet he still puts a smile on his dial. Lets all think of Chris and say a prayer for him, his family and the surgeons at 8 tomorrow morning. (this is Chris’s site)
I will update still on Busy Box packing day but right now doesn’t seem right. Claire, what an incredible person you are to have signed up to donate platelets for Reef. What a world we would live in if it was filled with people like you.
Love us


Prayers for you Chris to have a speedy recovery after your surgery , for you to feel lots better soon and for Our Lord to keep you cancer free forever and always!

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