Monday, March 2, 2009

Waiting for Abigail

lots of fun and games were had by all!
not bad nix!
draw the baby on your head game, hilarious!

guess how big Nats tummy is, this was the lucky winner, i was a close second id like to think!
guessing how big Nats tummy is!
its a girl ( among the many boys)
glowing pregnant fairy Nats
whats inside?
two pregnant sister fairies 4 months apart! what a gift!
On Saturday we went to Nat's surprise baby shower! It was stunning to see how gorgeous Nats is looking, really glowing! Nix did a fabulous job decorating her lovely home and it was such a change to see pink decorations and buy pink little outfits - as some of you may know amongst our circle of friends majority is boys!
Nats got some lovely stuff, her theme is hedgehogs - so pretty, so different!
It was lovely to see all the girls and friends we haven't seen in ages , Carol is here from the UK so it was a treat to catch up with her to!
The games were definitely a highlight for most - we had to guess the size of Nats tummy with wool and it was wonderful to watch string the length of two tummies and some who were very good at guessing ! Next we had to draw a baby on a paperplate on our heads - sounds easy, give it a go, what fun!
Thanks for having us and Nats and Philip, we are so excited to be waiting for Abigail with you, enjoy your last few days of uninterrupted rest and being with each other, but i know that the excitement of becoming three is definitely the focus now ! We cant wait to meet you Abi!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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