Monday, March 2, 2009

An Emerald celebration

Cheers Grandpa and Nan!
Ill have some of that thanks Mark!

Skip, swimming pools, bird baths, they all the same to me!
Uncle Ken, Aunty Jen and Jeran with Grandpa and Nan
What inspirations you are to me Grandpa and Nan!
Mom, the proudest daughter ever
Grandpa helping Keaton to get his balance before walking towards me!
There you go Keaton, on your way!
Keatons shy pose!
the beautiful cross Mom made for Grandpa and Nan
The anniversary candle Mom made to!

We had a lovely Emerald Anniversary celebration lunch for Nan and Grandpa and my mom and Dee on Sunday and it was divine to say the least!
Mom went out of her way as always, the table and flowers and everything on it was green, of course our favorite colour, and made the most delicious food ever - her famous roast potatoes and lamb disapeared very quickly with everything saying its one of the things Mom is most famous for !
Nan and Grandpa enjoyed the afternoon watching the little rascals Deqlan and Keaton run around! Deqlan and Keaton actually slept at the same time which meant Meggie and Conrad, Mark and I could all sit down together to eat lunch - this is something that doesnt happen, cause at least 2 of us are running around with them, so it was very quiet at the lunch table!
Nanna burnt herself with hot oil on her leg! She put the pants to soak with Skip in the bath and the next thing i hear is splashing water...there sits Mr Deqlan in the skip splashing and laughing - cant keep him away from any form of water!
We had a lovely day and we wish you another 55 years darling Grandpa and Nan of absolute love and happiness, you are an inspiration to us all!
God Bless and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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