Friday, March 13, 2009

And the awards go to...

Thank you Dear Loren for my 'award' must be the first one i have ever recieved in the land of blogs! You are very sweet and so kind , thank you Dear Loren! Now , its my turn to hand out the awards - this is how it works:

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. Thanks again Loren, this is fun!

Here are the rules:
Step 1: respond and rework -- answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
Step 2: tag - eight other bloggers to do the same.

1) What are you wearing right now? a black top and camo pants and no shoes! I dont like shoes, thats where Deqlan gets it from i guess?
2) What is your biggest fear? loosing Deqlan
3) Do you nap a lot? used to! Now i grab every chance i can when Deqlan naps on the weekends if i can!
4) Who is the last person you hugged? Keaton, when i said goodbye to him at lunch time
5) What websites to you visit when you go online? there are about a good 20 a try to visit every day - im also subscribed to caring bridge pages so when i get a message that they are updated i go and see how they are doing to
6) What was the last item you bought? Some gifts for Gillian ( cant give the surprise away before I give them to her!)
7) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? the beach - zanzibar and swimming with the dolphins seem wonderful to us at the moment, but any beach will do to see our beautiful Deqlan frolicking in the sea sand and running in and out of the water!
8) If you could go to the Oscars, who would you want to sit next to? mmmmmm ..probably Will Smith , i think id laugh the entire evening and id get him to donate tons of millions of dollars to fund neuroblastoma research- and on the other side Jenny McCarthy so we can figure out how to cure Autism!
9) If there was something you could do over, what would it be? not be so snappy and down and miserable at times
10) What is your most frightening moment? hearing the words 'your son has neuroblastoma'
11) What was the last movie you watched? 27 dresses
12) What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you? I wouldnt say luckiest, but blessed = Deqlan, and the lessons i have learnt through his journies. My wonderful husband, Logan, my amazing parents, sister and brother and nephew - all of my family all of my friends, old and new and all the families we have met and continue to support and love and prayer for
13) If you had a whole day to yourself with no work, commitments or interruptions what would you do? go to the beach or if i am stuck in Gauteng, take Deqlan to the zoo to drive in the golf carts and hopefully this time he would enjoy the animals a bit more!
14) Is there a major goal you have that you haven't yet achieved? With the help of God, Getting Deqlan through the window and recovered from Autism
15) What is the first job you had? I worked at a frozen yoghurt store ...
16) What is something that those in blog land might not know about you? that i am on my knees each day thanking God for Deqlan being NED
17) What is something simple that relaxes you and you enjoying doing? walking Deqlan later afternoon or night - just quiet time
18) Do you make time for yourself everyday, and if so, what do you do? dont really , but want to start yoga seems to help with stress!
19.)What is the last book you read? A real Boy

My awards go to ( in no particular order) ( and they should have caring bridge nominations to!)( and i have only managed to list ten, but know that you are ALL ON MY AWARD LIST, THIS IS JUST FOR THE SAKE OF these awards):

1) Meggie from Keatons blog - for being the best sister and friend in the entire world - for the Holy Spirit that God sends to speak through Meggie on the days I need it most, for her never ending support in Deqlans journies, for helping with every single CHOC project and other projects she can and for the most beautiful stories and adventures with my beautiful Godson Keaton

2) Patrick from Will Lacey! Patick has the most amazing way of writing, he is so passionate about finding the cure for his son and about educating us and motivating us to do everything we can to find the cure for neuroblastoma.

3) Gillian from All Hands On Dec - for being the bravest mommy i know! For continuing a legacy in honoring Declan, to helping others in the future - do the magical words she put down in writing from Declan that kept us going back several times a day to his site and the prayers from around the world that will never stop! for the support and love they continue to give to Deqlan...

4) Loren from Malakai Stow - for teaching me something new with each post - the courage, the optism , the future to look forward to with her beautiful Kai. For educating us that DS is part of our lives and to embrace it, and for sharing her beautiful Kai with us! For being a great friend and inspiration.

5) Jenn from Adrian Au - for being a huge support and all the love and prayers , and giving us insight on what its like for Adrian as a survivor of neuroblastoma in Hong Kong

6) Debbie from I will lift my eyes - Connor Khoury - for being so positive, so full of life and hope for her beautiful children - for doing everything in her power to help Connor is his fight against Neuroblastoma and OMS - for continued support and always having something positive to share with us

7) Debbie from The Bennimans - never ever ending support and for sharing her beautiful children and their adventures with us, Jayden and Hannah , you are to gorgeous

8) Claire from Hannah- Ethan, for promoting every single CHOC project, every single prayer request, for always supporting our Deqlan and our family - for being positive and so willing to help wherever and whoever she can at any time! Thank you for sharing the adventures of Hannah and Ethan with us to!

9) Brenda from Charli Preister - i just love reading all of Charlis stories, new words and cute antics! You to use your site for a platform to promote the cure for neuroblastoma and other cancers and i know you will stop at nothing to create awareness

10) The Mikulaks - from Max's blog - wow, you are an inpsiration to us all - your love and devotion and dedication to Max will never ever faid - through your new project Max's ring of fire i pray that we can get to that cure. Thank you for sharing Max so intimately with us.

11) Lisa from her own page - for inspiring me to never give up hope, to stay positive and trust in Our Lord - and look at the gift you will recieve in a few months time, congrats on the baby boy!!

12) Elriza from Caden Paul - for confirming how strong your faith is and we all hung onto every breath every word as Caden travelled and made it out of icu after being 3 months prem!

13) Heidi from Heidi Lamberton - for introducing us to her little princess Hannah and now her little prince Michael to! For wonderful stories and the cutest pictures of all their adventures


Debbie said...

) What is something that those in blog land might not know about you? that i am on my knees each day thanking God for Deqlan being NED

I DONT THINK THAT IS SOMETHING WE DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU!!!!! As we are down there with you thanking the Lord for saving Deqlan and as you say we are in a way Thankful for Deqlans journey as it has taught me as a mum so very much!!!!

I Really do feel like i am a better Mum to my Angels because of Deqlan, as i get over the tough times by just thinking how bad could it be.................compared to watching them in hospital or never holding them again!!!! It gives me the strength to be the best mum 24\7 to two toddlers with out the support from a family!!!!!

Jayden knows our friend Deqlan and reads the blog with mama.........i have told him one day we will have a play date with our friend Deqlan!!!!! And every night when he says his prayers and he says thank you for my dada and thank you for my mama we always add and thank you that our friend Deqlan is with his mama and dada!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samm you were a great friend at school and somewhere in life we lost touch and we bumped into each other a few times just before i got married and we started emailing when you were pregnant with gave me hope when i was pregnant with Hannah and thought she had DS.......and i hope that now and then in your journey i put a smile on your face!!!!!

We had lots of fun at school and hopefully one day we can meet again as mommies and have a play date with our Angels......

Thank you for the award, i love sharing my Angels stories with you guys and love reading your blogs too.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Dearest Samm, what an honor to receive a blog award from you and our sweet Deqlan.... I am so privledged to be his aunt and to spend time with him each and every day! I am so happy that my little blog adds something to your day and that you enjoy reading it - I try my best to be a good writer but no one can top your beautiful and meaningful writing.. I am in awe of your blog daily! I learn so much from you, you inspire me each and every day! Keaton absolutely adores his Samm and Deqlan and his little laughts when you talk to him on the phone are just sooo adorable.... One day Deqlan and Keaton are going to cause big troubles, but im sure we will just smile and laugh with them too! I so look forward to that day! When they are naughty and full of mud and running around laughing... It is I that should award you with all the blog awards as you so deserve them ALL! You are a blessing from GOD and we love so very very much! Thank you for the award but you deserve them all! Love you and God bless! Megs

Ferreira Family said...

To My Dear Friend, Samm..

Thank you for the "award" much appreciated..

I will always be around to help where ever I can...

Just know that Deqlan has a very big role in inspiring me to help so many others and He has tauigt me that life is short and you need to appreciate everyone around you..All I want to do is try make a difference even if its tiny, I just want the other person to smile!!

You are also a true inspiration to me, You deserve all the Blog Awards that exist - I agree with Megs!! You have taught me to love like there is no tomorrow, and to be a better mother.. For that I will always be truly grateful!

Have a stunning day!!

Debbie said...

Thank you Samm for the blog award-that is such a beautiful surprise that lifted my spirits. I hope you realize the impact you have made on my life since Connor's diagnosis-I can feel the strength building in me when I hear your words about staying positive and hopeful for Deqlan's future. Our boys are doing so awesome-coming so far every day! Thanks for reminding me to always be thankful for the little things in life. Love to all, especially brave soldier Deqlan!
Debbie and Connor

heidi james & hannah said...

Dear Samm,
Thank you so much for the award, you made my day when I really needed it!
I had to take Michael for tests again last week as the paed was afraid there was a problem with the second stomach value, thank the Lord nothing was wrong and all the test results came back normal, the paed was convinced there was a problem and I just prayed, prayed and prayed. So thanks for lifting my spirits when I really needed it!
All my love xxx