Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deqlan is two and a half today!

There is that naughty smile!
A carrot muffin to celebrate!

Thomas and friends wishing you a Happy 2 and a half Birthday , giving you a taste of whats to come for your 3rd Birthday!

Deqlan at the drive in - Dad created this set up for you , you sit in your car and eat your chips and drink your juice while you watch your shows! Pretty cool huh?

Deqlan at the Drive In

Our Darling Deqlan!
Wishing you a very very Happy 2 and a half years Birthday beautiful boy!

Wow, i cant believe that we are half way to 3! What a big boy you are our sugar pie!

You continue to make us prouder then anyone could ever imagine or describe. Your laughter and naughty face is one of the highlites of our day - even when you doing something you not supposed to be doing and we say ' no' you just give us the most beautiful smile and laugh and our hearts just melt, thats why it could be very easy for you to get away with everything, well almost everything!!!
I hope you enjoyed your Thomas table this morning, all your Thomas Buddies wishing you a beautiful half birthday for today and giving you a taste of whats to come for your 3rd Birthday - its got to be Thomas - you love him and his friends so much my boy!

I wish they could have brought you a HUGE CHOCOLATE CAKE that you can dig your hands into and lick the icing of your fingers, but hopefully you enjoyed your home made carrot muffin just as much! We love you so so so much my boy that we are going to keep things healthy for you! Hopefully by your birthday i have found someone to make you a gluten wheat sugar yeast and soya free cake that all your friends will love to!
We thank God for yet another reason to celebrate with you , to celebrate you! You are are sunshin, our sugar pie, honey bun, our love our light, our pride our joy our everything and we couldnt be prouder, we couldnt love you more, you are our gift from God and we thank Him for you each day!
You are so beautiful, so clever, so wise, so patient and tolerant, so loving , so caring and giving and thoughtful and happy and kind ...i could go on all day precious soldier, we love you for who you are and celebrate you in every single way!
May Our Gracious and Merciful God continue to keep you NED and continue to give you the gift of good health and many many many many many many many many many more birthdays!
All our love, today and always, growing each moment, God Bless you
Dada and Mama and Logan


Lisa Reid said...

happy happy xx

Debbie said...

Aww, I love the new pics (all of them, especially the ones in the previous post with all the green hair, so cute) Happy 2 1/2 Birthday Deqlan! You are getting so big-I can't wait to see what Mommy has planned for your 3rd birthday, it will be here soon. Prayers always for the greatest health and much love,
Debbie & Connor (your fellow Thomas fan)

Ferreira Family said...

Hapy 2 1/2 birthday beautiful brave soldier, Deqlan.. Hope you had a lovely day with your mommy!

Sending you lots of love, Hugs and most of prayers for continued good health..

CLaire, Stephan, Hannah & Ethan

rhenda Elsayed said...

wishing you a happy 2 1/2 birthday big boy!may you stay healthy,happy and strong for many years to come!
love rhenda,ali&family

Nanna and Grandpa said...

To Our Precious and Adorable Deqlan,

Today, you are officially two and a half year's old !! What's the big deal you may ask of us who have seriously taken to "celebrating" even half birthdays ?

Simply, precious Deqlan, it is but another wonderful opportunity to "celebrate YOU" and all you mean to us and our lives. Celebrating half birthdays means that we are all too aware of the fact that WE SHOULD NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED - persons, people, places, circumstances, situations, but above all blessings ! It is another way of honouring God and giving Him thanks and praise for YOU.

It's YOUR second and a half birthday, but WE GOT THE GIFT IN YOU AND OF YOU !!!!

Our gift is the pure blessing you are in our daily lives which demonstrates and plays itself out on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels.

The gifts you represent are many and they are great and include the gift of:

- your beautiful essence permeating every part and aspect of our lives
- your adorable presence in the form of a most beautiful toddler, your most enchanting and mischievous smile, the music of your laughter, the softness and smell of your skin, your amazingly expressive eyes and impossibly long eye lashes, the colour and smell of your gorgeous and slightly curly hair, soccer-player calves, etc, you are perfect in every way
- your indomitable spirit and passion for life and living
* be with you daily and marvel at the miracle you are
* take you on our morning walks where we admire (and sometimes pick !) some beautiful flowers, one of which we always take home to Mamma; where we have made friends with so many doggies in the neighbourhood who wag their tails when they see you, where we greet the gatekeepers at the high school and the creche; where we visit the huge water garden feature down the road where you always finish off your morning juice whilst the cool waters flow gently over the rocks;where you often fall asleep before we get back home and then have the joy to place you on your bed and switch the classical music on ever so softly; where we say our daily prayers together to thank Jesus for His miracle healing of you and to pray for His wisdom and guidance in "pulling you through the Autism Spectrum Window" as soon as possible
- to celebrate with you last Saturday at the CANSA Shavathon in front of the sign "Cancer Survivor"; what a privilege and honour it was for us to salute you in this special way and to hear "Chasing Cars" play in your honour; what a treasured blessing to have 14 months of NED as testament to God's healing miracles - these 14 months are just the first of FOREVER NED!!!
- appreciate your great appetite for all your new foods and how you have accepted these restrictions without any fuss and in great faith
- share special times, tickling you, playing on the bridge in the sensory garden, pointing out helicopters and birds flying above, paging through your favourite books and being overcome with delight and love when your expressions change for each picture

Always remember how much we value and appreciate your uniqueness. Just one of your many talents Nanna sometimes truly wishes you would share with her, is how you amazingly manage to "block out" so completely all the unimportant or uninteresting things, events, persons or situations and concentrate on only that which appeals to you or is important to you in your environment. You remain Master of Valuable and Humble Lessons in our lives and your teachings are by example and deed.

YOU ARE A DAILY REMINDER OF GOD'S GREATNESS AND HIS LOVE IN ACTION, OF HIS POWER AND HIS GLORY, OF HIS MIRACLES AND HIS MERCY. Deqlan, your name means "full of prayer" so you are an exquisite testament to us all.

On your 2nd and a half birthday and always, remember that you are loved beyond measure, treasured beyond understanding and cherished beyond description.


All our love,

Nanna and Grandpa

Sheila said...

Hello Higgin's Family. Just wanted to stop in and let you all know that we think of you often and pray for you. Wishing you a Happy, Happy 2 1/2 birthday beautiful Deqlan. You couldn't be any cuter if you tried!
Best wishes,
The Bell Family

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Happy 2 and 1/2 Birthday our dear Deqlan! As so many people but especially Nanna has written you are the most beautiful natured little boy with so much love to give us all, you light up our live and your laughter is music to our souls and we are privledged to hear it many times a day - a testament to the joy and happiness you experience at Nannas house each day! I salute your recent transition with your diet and am in awe of how "easy" it was for you, no crying, no craving, no fuss - your lets just get on with it attitude it something I will always think of in times when I think something is going to be so hard! I will stop guessing ahead of time that a task will be difficult because like you I will think to myself "you have not even tried it so how do you know it will be hard", so many people are too afraid to try new things and to discover new avenues, but not you darling Deqlan, you jump right in with both feet! What a honor it was to see you playing yesterday in the new play sand when they were delievering it and you climbed to the top of the pile of sand - you know what I thought " Of you standing on the top of Everest one day!!!!!!" Then I thought hang on, stuff Everest you have already climbed mountains much higher than Everest in your tiny little life and come out victorious - I guess what im trying to say is thank you for teaching us all the greatest lesson of all - never ever not for a moment take a minute for granted - we are all incredibly blessed! Heres to another century together my boy! God bless you and keep you safe! Love Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Loren Stow said...

Happy 2,5 Birthday Deqlan!! You are growing into a real little man now - time just flies!!
You stay strong (as I know you will) and most importantly - HAVE FUN!