Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rocky and Rambo

Check the chickens out!

looking for sheep...
Deqlan loved the bunnies he didnt want to leave them!
aw shame...
here bunny bunny.... ( deqlans wearing shoes, can you believe it?)

'kuck kucks'
On your marks, get set..
Mr Cool

Deqlan Rocky Higgins and Keaton Rambo Du Plessis are two tough cookies.

It all started on Thursday night, when Deqlan was enjoying entertaining Dada and Mama with his olympic running sessions up and down our passage. Each run, had to start with ' on your makrs, get set go' before our Deqlan sprinted as fast as he could down to meet us at the finish line, he had placed us at. I think Deqlan is going to be one fast runner, just like his sister...

Anyway, next event for the evening was the trampoline. But before he could get onto the trampoline, he tripped , not hard, but never the less, hit his mouth against the side of the base of the trampoline. Dad immediately picked Deqlan up and blood started to trickle out of Deqlans mouth..this has happened before so we expected it to be an injured gum, but when the bleeding just got worse and worse and Deqlans cries got harder and harder, it was clear this time was a little more serious. Once Deqlan eventually let us get a look inside his mouth, we discovered a huge cut which continued to bleed and swell for quite some time. Mark and I reckoned that they couldnt put a stitch on the inside of a lip, so we decided just to keep on eye on it. Deqlan really looked like Rocky. Swollen lip, blood wiped across his face, blood covering his all-hands -on-dec tshirt. Dada decided the best thing to do would be to try and clean it out with some salt water, which Deqlan wasnt pleased with , but let us do.

By the time morning came around, Nanna had a look and thought it needed a stich, but of course it was to late so many hours later....we called the doctor and she told us to continue cleaning it out with salt water and andolex c spray, which is a disinfectant and antibacterial and anesthetic to the area you apply it to. So the cut is very white - but thats ok, as long as its stays white and doesnt get infected, cause that would mean an antibiotic - which we have already dodged once this week.

Deqlan and Keaton both picked up the sinus infection Logan had last weekend - but luckily Deqlan seems to be on the mend....poor little Keaton landed up in hospital because of the sinus infection and bad dehyrdration.

From the blood tests the little guy had, it shows that he is extremely iron deficient to and Meggie has been given medication to try and sort this out.

Meggie and Conrad took Keaton home yesterday afternoon - after he managed to keep his lunch down and not wanting to be in the same ward as kids with pneumonia!!!

They are all fine and Meggie says Keaton was very happy to be at home, he was playing peek a boo and playing with his pots and pans. Its a welcome change for him, being confined to a cot bed when he just wants to be on the move and be in his own space at home. She is exhausted though for not sleeping for the last week. Meggie also has picked up the sinus infection, Mark we got to try and stop this bug somewhere! Praying Logan is also completely over her sinus infections as her school holidays started on Friday.

Thanks for all your prayers for the boys , please continue them ! Keaton we hope you feeling lots better and that you continue to get stronger each day, we love you so much and i was so hurt seeing you in hospital with a drip in your hand, thank You Lord for looking after you always!

We took Deqlan to the Roohuiskraal Terrien yesterday, to run around and see some animals, he enjoyed the ducks and bunnies and even tried to throw some grass through the fence to them, shame..

Deqlan has taken a new liking to toothpaste - yes toothpaste- he actually eats it like the old Dirkie condense milk tubes ( those of you in South Africa will know what i mean) But not just any toothpaste. Its the Winnie the Pooh blue bubble gum flavour . I have tried to hide it away numerous times but Deqlan always finds it - i checked the ingredients out cause i was worried about sugar content but it doesnt say anything about sugar...i suppose he loves it so much because he doesnt get anything else thats sweet?

I went to church with Nanna and Great Grandpa last night, as our new parish priest Father Kevin was official been welcomed by the new Archbishop of Pretoria. Was a lovely service and we even got to meet the archbishop quickly, what a lovely person. Nanna to has started coming down with the flu and her throat was on fire last night, praying she is better today...

Please also remember all our friends around the world fighting nb and other cancers and other journies Our Lord has plotted out for them.

I met with Yolande from CHOC on Thursday and we have decided on our project this year, i will be sending out details soon i promise!

Have a lovely week, God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm , Deqlan and Logan


Anonymous said...

dear sam,mark meggie and Conrad,Deqlan and bev and family,
Thinking and praying for your healing at this time ,that He will refresh you all.
Love Ruth xxx

Ferreira Family said...

Hope everyone is feeling okay and on the mend!

Looks like Deqlan had a great time at Rooihuiskraal terrein!! Such a nice open space for them to run around!

Have a great week!