Friday, March 27, 2009

Keaton Update

Hello Everybody

Thank you so so much to you all for your prayers and messages which mean the world to our family
Keaton is still in hospital, he is on a drip with antibiotics and another for hydration
He had to have some physio which got a lot of the mucous out , but he was not a happy camper at all
He was so stressed out he fell asleep for nearly 2 hours, and Meggie says he is now awake and not wanting to spend his Friday afternoon in a childrens ward in a hospital where he has no room to walk around and no freedom to go wherever he wants
The doctor has not been yet, but another physio session has been ordered for this afternoon, Keaton will definitely spending the night, and waiting for Docs next decision

Please continue the prayers for our smiley boy
God Bless and lots of love
Samm and family


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam mark ,meggie Conrad ,bev and all the family ,continuing to pray for you all at this difficult time.
Keep trusting Jesus and remember Footprints when times are tough.
thinking and praying for you all.
Love Ruth xx

Debbie said...

Prayers for Keaton and Deqlan! I was excited to see the new background and music, especially when I saw the reason for it. Hopefully awareness will spread and make it easier for ALL people to understand how special thse children are-they have to overcome so much and it is a reason to celebrate when they do. There are a lot of similarities between OMS and Autism, such a fight. God bless you Samm, your a wonderful mother and friend.