Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Urgent prayers for Yolande

Hello Deqlans Army

We need to ask you for your urgent prayers for our friend Yolande from CHOC

Yolande lost her son to nephroblastoma, kidney cancer ,when he was only 3
2 years ago, she found out that her daughter, Miluska, 2 at the time, also had nephroblastoma, but thank Our Lord has been ned for a while now
Yolande was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus in Nov 07, went through chemo and a hysterectomy and was in remission for a while, but then it spread to her lungs and now her liver

She is really in a lot of pain and struggling to breathe, and they have now started morphine to help with pain relief

Our hearts again are shattered by this news, of a young mom , who was such an important part of our journey, that supported us, came to visit us each week – i will never ever forget, she even helped carry our bags when we left Kloof hospital.

I ask you all to please pray very hard for a miracle for Yolande, for pain relief, for comfort and strength and guidance for her family.

Thanking you all , God Bless and lots of love

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Loren Stow said...

Samm, I am saying BIG prayers that all Deqlan's tests come back negative tomorrow!!!! {{hugs}}