Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special prayers for Derek

Hello Deqlans prayer army

Need to ask you for lots of prayers for a very special person, my step dad, Derek.

Derek was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago, had surgery and was declared cancer free happy healthy and well. Dee still goes every 3 months for a check up and his last test revealed that his PSA (the tumor marker for prostate cancer) had increased. His urologist has requested a cat scan tomorrow ( Monday) at 10am and a 4 hour bone scan on Wednesday to check for possible areas of concern on the pancreas and bone.

Please pray very hard that both these scans are normal and that whatever is causing the psa level to rise, be totally destroyed by the Holy Spirit running through Dee’s body .

Dee is such a loving, giving , caring person and continues to look after all of us before thinking of himself – he has given me so many gifts, but the greatest being the gift of my Mom being able to watch Deqlan while i work. He showers all of us with so many blessings, and my prayer is for the blessings to be returned to him a million times over.

Please also pray from my Mom, aka Nanna, please pray that peace comes over her and that Our Lord continues to prosper her, never to harm her – please shine Your light Lord on Moms path this week especially.

Thank you so much for your prayers, will keep you up to date

God Bless and love and thanks
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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