Saturday, February 14, 2009


Deqlan and Keaton had a great time playing in the washing line at Reeces party
Yeah! Deqlan found sand! His favorite!

The birthday girl Reece, all pretty in pink!
Deqlan really enjoying jumping on anything at the moment , even our bed at 10 at night!
Hello Keaton Beaton!
Jump jump sugalump
Logs showing off her medals! We are so proud of you!
Deqlan and Keaton in Nannas zen garden - sand + water = the best time ever!
Deqlans hand prints from playgroup - he dislikes paint on his hands, so didnt get a good print but managed to draw around his hand
Mr Man made with teaching parts of the body

Hello Deqlans prayer army
Hope you are all well - it has been a very busy week!
We have been enjoying more, yes more rain the last few days and along with all the changes in temperature, we have caught some bugs to. Nanna and I have been battling with flu for over a week now. I had a strong course of antibiotics over the weekend which worked and then stopped working as soon as the course was finished. So back Nanna and I went to the doc again on Wednesday morning, where we both enjoyed a imune system booster of an injection and back on another round of antibiotics for the next 5 days again! Meggie was fortunate enough to get over her bug in a day or so, althought little Keaton is fighting a runny nose.Deqlan, being the soldier that he is, has been fine through all the bugs - only a slight cough and runny nose which cleared after some additional vitamin c and acc 200 - his immune system is really really doing a great job!Logan was with us last weekend and as always, a pleasure to have her. She is so kind and gentle and really has such beautiful manners. She was proudly showing her 2 silver medals off ! She is really enjoying athletics and is doing so well at it! She even broke a record last year, which still stands in this years progamme for the school! Her big adult tooth has started growing in the place of the one that came out in Jan , so she is very chuffed with that. Deqlan and I were at the doc when she arrived, so when Deqlan and I walked into the lounge and he saw Logan, he had the biggest smile ever on his face and touched her and laughed at her and pulled her around by her hand, what a lovely sight!We went to Reece's Hello Kitty, second birthday party on Saturday and it was wonderful, besides the fact that i had to blow my nose every 10 seconds! I spoke with some of Theresas friends who are teaches and are interested in Autism , so we had a great discussion and i even got some great ideas from them to! Deqlan enjoyed himself , once he found a patch of sand around the side of the house! He even got on and off the jumping castle by himself and jumped and laughed a few times.
We took Deqlan to his second playgroup date on Tuesday and the theme was My Body. Deqlan fell fast asleep on the way to therapy , so we didnt think he would really be up for playing, but to our surprise, he was ok and even smiled a few times when singing the hello song. Next we had to fish in a dress up box for items that we could describe to our kids " deqlan put this hat on your head' and Deqlan loved this and enjoyed the spider man mask the most. But then came the paint your hand on print on paper part, and Deqlan was not impressed with this terribly gooey paint on his hands and he let us know it ! The rest of the lesson was spent trying to get out of the door, but i managed to bring him back to the table each time , even though he clearly didnt want to be there - But - it was an improvement on last week where he cried from start to finish. So i am sure each time will get a little better for our soldier. He just dislikes being told to sit and finish something , but we got to teach him how so that he knows when he goes to Little Leaps school he will understand he needs to sit through a lesson to learn.
I forgot to mention that Deqlan is LOVING his trampoline at the moment and really jumping well on it - so well, he bumped his teeth on the safety bar and chipped one of the front big teeth! aaww...but as long as its not painful will just keep an eye on it - he is fascinated with the new feeling in his mouth and keep biting his fingers on the sharp points.

We got some of the stool and blood results back from the tests Dr Lindenberg requested. WE WERE SHOCKED AT THE RESULTS - Deqlan has candida to the power of eight, normal is to the power of two!!!and there are two strains of candida. The results also show that his has inflamtion in his gut! No wonder the wheat and gluten and sugar are putting Deqlan into the 'haze' he is in. What this means is we need to give Deqlan something called Diflucan, which is an antifungal and will get rid of the candida infection which could be causing the proteins from wheat and milk not be absorbed properly and giving Deqlan morphine like effects from them. He will need to have three courses of 2 weeks each over the next few weeks. Candida feeds of yeast - which means we have to stop the best before we start the Diflucan, this means we will have to be on the GLUTEN FREE CASEIN FREE YEAST FREE SUGAR FREE DIET from 23 Feb, after we have seen Dr De Jager. Candida remind me of squaters that just set up camp wherever they want and if they enjoy and thrive in the environment, there is no reason for them to leave, but grow and grow and grow! Will squaters, i would be packing my bags as i type this if you not whats coming to uproot you all in a weeks time!
Deqlans new 'thing' is throwing rocks. Just as he loves throwing sand, he is now throwing rocks, but into pools, they have to go into water and make a big splash! We were horrified going to our new occupational therapists rooms to see a fountain, with Koi fish , as we knew what was going to happen. Nanna definitely had to distract Deqlan as the company who the fishpond belongs to would not be impressed if Deqlan had to knock one of the Koi with a stone on the noddy! Our session was very overwhelming and unsettling for Deqlan, as its a brand new environment, brand new therapist, so he was not a happy bunny and cried and cried, but could calm himself and do a few of the things we asked him to do. The new ot is also very much focused on sensory integration and she works with all the kids that go to Little Leaps, so we think it will be great for Deqlan to get to know her and will know her well by the time he starts school.
Nanna and I are currently on course with Jenny Buckley from REACH and we are enjoying every single moment of it - we are learning more then we can ever imagine, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together and we are understanding a lot more on why Deqlan does the things he does! But that is going to take me a whole nother post to tell you even 10% of what we are learning! We have lots and lots more to do for our Deqlan and the great thing is we are being lead on the correct path, so we are full of so much hope and enthusiasm to get it all started, promise more details after the course!
Great news for Will and Connors scans , they both remain stable Praise Our Lord! Please continue the prayers for all our friends around the world!
Hope you all had a great Valentines day, sending you lots of love, God Bless, please continue the prayers as we await Deqlans results next Friday 20 Feb
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Anonymous said...

Dearest Samm,

we are praying and positive for absolutely positively clear results! It is also great to know you are learning so much that can assist Deqlan on his journey and your enthusiasm and positive attitude is a real inspiration.

God bless you all in the week ahead as we look forward to the good news.

Tons of love and hugs,
Karen and boys xxx

Ferreira Family said...

Dear Samm, Mark & Deqlan,

It is always wonderful to hear how well Deqlan is doing! He is such a strong little boy!

We are praying hard for wonderful results and we know they are going to be clear clear clear..

Have a great week.

Love Us

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