Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another miracle!

We are elated to tell you that Dereks results ARE CLEAR!!!!! Only gallstones can be found from the ct scan and nothing in the bone scan, except definite evidence of degeneration of the bones, bad osteo problems, which definitely explains the aches and pains, but nothing, nothing else of concern!!! What makes this even more miraculous is that the PSA level ( the tumor marker for prostate cancer) has gone from .35 back down to .28 - the doctor is flabergasted and cant explain this fantastic result! My mom asked if it could be a lab error, and Doc said, not by as much as 7 points! So OUR explanation, another miracle from Our Lord! Thank you , thank you so much for your prayers - they do work, that i can promise you, if its Our Lords Will , He will answer our prayers, thank You Lord for yet again sending us another miracle, we are on our knees in praise and glory and thanks!

God Bless and thank you all, all our love

JUST BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear San,Nark DeqlanmBev and family,
Praise God He is our healer ,we give Him all the praise,
We all continue to pray for you all.
Love Ruth xxx