Friday, February 20, 2009

Angel Yolande Van Der Linde

It is with such a sore heart i let you know that our dear friend Yolande, has gone home to be with her Heavenly Father and son.

Yolande made such a difference in our lives - i remember the first time we met her. Mark and I were feeling so desperate and so lost, so angry , sitting in icu after Deqlans 1st blockage. Yolande came in there with a smile on her face and the words THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. And these are the words that she used every single time she saw us, these words will always remain with me, i know she was right.

I was shocked to her that she was a mommy herself that lost her son to nephroblastoma at the age of 2. And through all the heartache and devastation she was determined to help others.

I remember her carrying our bags to the car from Kloof hospital when we left to start our second round of chemo. Even though Deqlans eye was so so bad, she told us about little Charlize whose eye was worse and was so much better and that Deqlans eye would heal to.

She was delighted at all the CHOC projects we started - meeting her in the parking lot , handing over balloons and bubbles for the kids. We were shocked to hear that her little daughter of 2 years was diagnosed to also have nephroblastoma. She had an operation to remove the tumor and thank The Lord still remains clean today. ..Meeting her to hand over Christmas presents.

I remember she was actually on the way to my house to fetch a tumble dryer we had donated to the CHOC house when she got the first sign that something was wrong - it felt like something had burst and she just started bleeding - we were shocked beyond belief to find out she had cancer of the uterus. Yolande endured many many chemo sessions, a hysterectomy, hours away from her family.

Only weeks after finishing chemo and being declared NED, she came with me to Kalefong hospital to hand over all the pjamas to the kids for our snug as a bug project - she never ever moaned about anything. We were so hopeful that she had beat the beast and again flawed when a regular scan picked up that the cancer had spread to her lungs and there was nothing that could be done. Still Yolande soldiered on - feeling great on some days and not so great on others.

But still she continued to do the amazing work for CHOC, still she continued to smile. I will always remember the past CHOC party i stood chatting to her, as we watched Miluska jump on the jumping castle - the pride for her daughters just beamed, the love she had for life was so clear - the passion she had to help others, an absolute blessing. Yolande, we are going to miss you terribly and we are so blessed that you touched our lives more then you will know, we pray you are pain free and that Frankus welcomed you home to be with Jesus.

Dear Friends, please pray for Yolandes husband, daughter Miluska and 13 year old daughter who now face the days and years without their beloved wife and mommy and friend.

We love you, God Bless
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Lisa Reid said...

How sad, sorry to hear this news, Yolande sounds like she was a real Angel

Ferreira Family said...

Once again, we are floored by the news of such a beastly monster taking another life..

Our prayers are with the family as they move through this very difficult time and even more difficult times to come.

Samm, keep your head high and faith up..


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the sad news Samm. God bless her family! We will keep you all in our prayers.

Love Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

Today, God called a very special daughter, wife, mother, CHOC warrior, friend and devout Christian, Home to join Him in Paradise, just as He promises all of us. Her name was Angel Yolande who completed God's mission for her on earth at a very early age. This is part of His plan. Although her life was beset with tragedy and hardship, her faith sustained her and further shaped her indomitable spirit. She was an exemplary example of courage, strength, faith, hope, trust and belief in her God, even close to her moment of death, when she "left a message" for all those of us who will mourn her. She instructed that we must always remember "God is Love". What a precious gift and legacy she has left behind for us in these, her wise words. Her earthly service to mankind, executed with such love, empathy and caring is just part of the legacy that will keep her beautiful memory alive for eternity. We pay humble tribute to her and our own private memories of all she meant in our lives and we will never forget her. Lord, welcome her into Your kingdom, this Your faithful and hard-working servant. Amongst her great "rewards" must be the reunion of Yolande with her 2 year old son, Frankus, whose beaming smile must have said "Welcome to Heaven, My beautiful earth Mommy - let me show you around Paradise".

To her loving and grieving family, our thoughts, prayers and love are with you. May her departed soul rest in peace. Yolande, Thank you for everything you did for Deqlan, his parents, Samm and Mark and for us, his family. We will never forget you.

With love,

Bev and Derek Bourne
(Deqlan's Nanna and Grandpa)