Thursday, February 19, 2009

Army Get your camo out !

Hello Deqlans Army

The countdown has begun to our results tommorow and we ask that you all please join us in prayer, that Deqlans blood and urine results are perfectly normal and that Dr De Jager continues to tell us those three precious and priceless words NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE.

Our appointment is at 11am and i promise to let you know as soon as we possibly can

We continue to have faith and trust and hope in Our Lord and ask for the shoes to continue this journey. Thanks so much for all the calls and emails and posts already, we appreciate them more then we could ever tell you, to know that we still have so many people praying for our beautiful boy, is a gift that is priceless.

A little bit about our REACH course from the weekend! Diet is absolutely crucial in the road to recovering our kids - once the candida and items which harm Deqlan have been taken out of his body we can start from scratch teaching the skills Deqlan missed out on, filling in the gaps so that we can lead Deqlan to the next steps in teaching. Giving Deqlan and apple or apple juice is like giving him a Hunters Dry , because of the Candida, anything that ferments has terrible side effects - you could actually say he is 'drunk' and he cant learn! Other foods that affect Deqlan in a bad way are anything to do with Gluten - protein from wheat, Casein - protein from milk, soya, yeast and sugar - so basically all Deqlan is going to be allowed to eat is organic fish, chicken, meat, vegies or rice - thats it. But he has been coping so well so far and we have tried a few things out and have lots of ideas to try out to get him ready for 100% free day which starts 23 Feb , after we have got the go ahead from Dr De Jager. Deqlan also goes on an antifungal from Monday for 2 weeks, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on - he has to have 3 courses and that will hopefully get the huge amount of candida he has out his body!

We already see a huge difference in Deqlan by limiting the bad things he shouldnt eat - he is lots more vocal and making a whole lot of different sounds and trying to say so many things - they still all his own language , but the babbling gives me so much hope as this is how all babies start talking after all! His eye contact has improved and lots more sparks seem to have gone on! How blessed are we!

Once Deqlan is 'sober' - we have a clean canvas to try and teach and we will continue with speech and occupational therapy and two new therapies called APPLIED BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS and RDI - relationship Development integration ( hope i remembered them right!) They would on a rewards basis with prompts such as nice food or favorite toys and eventually the prompts will be faded out and Deqlan will want to do thing because he enjoys them!

Deqlan is now on a suitable multivitamin, calcium, zinplex, pro biotics, vitamin c, and from monday b12 and the omegas to , to replace all the nutrients he wont be getting from food- not forgetting the antifungal....

Deqlan wont be going to playgroup for a while - until we can teach him the social skills to enjoy why he is there, he is going to continue screaming and trying to get out the class room. We are very sad to leave Baby Therapy centre and will forever be grateful to the lovely ladies who made a huge difference in Deqlan and in our lives, thank you - we will never forget you and we promise to stay in touch.

I have been in contact with some lovely families of kids on the spectrum, and 1 in specific has been an absolute gift from God - Michele, your guidance, advise and just answering my million questions a day has taught me more then i have read or experienced - you are such a great help to me and i cant thank you enough! Jean Luc is very blessed to have you as his mommy!

Nanna and I laughed several times during the course at some of the red flags that our little Deqlan displays so well - some not mentioned anywhere else , but we had a two page document full of red flags to go through - the funniest was - " Does your child take the covers out of the dvds" ha ha yes, we could never understand this and have many covers with no inserts - there is such a simple explanation for us - he just wants to study the pictures in more detail!! Clever boy!

Well, let me be off and continue our new way of shopping and getting our house equiped for this new adventure - did you know we cant even use the same pots, or knives or let the foods touch as they could be contaminated - so all new stuff- for 2 houses- a little , should i say, a lot tough on the pocket, but we have to start somewhere and we have to do this right from the start or not do it at all !

Please continue praying for Yolande, who is not doing well - please pray for comfort and guidance for her family and for Yolande to see her son waiting for her as she goes home to him and The Lord.

Please continue the prayers for all the angels and warriors around the world

Thank you for your prayers for tommorow, we really appreciate them
God Bless and all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Debbie said...

Everytime I read your words Samm I feel moved and inspired by the depth of love in your words for Deqlan. It helps me to be a better mother to Connor and I wanted you to know that. Praying for wonderful results tomorrow! We love you-
Debbie and Connor

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

You are in our very special prayers today and we hope and trust in God to hold Deqlan in the palm of his hand and protect him against this monster!!! PLEASE let us know what the results are!!!

Have a SPECTACULAR day and can't wait to see the new skills that Deqlan has learnt tomorrow!!!

Coreen and Grant