Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The official start to Deqlans GLUTEN CASEIN SUGAR YEAST SOYA FREE Diet

my first loaf of bread, ever!
Logan insists she should be a fish and not a person

Giddy up Mama
The birthday boy!
Happy 1st Birthday Caden!
a rare photo to have all three gifts sitting still with me!
Wes's mom giving a hand with Keaton
Keaton and Loggy Bear
whats in here Deqlan?
Look how gorgeous Kai is getting!
Caden in his swim suit
Elriza and Caden!
Mark and Keaton enjoying the bird bath..

Deqlan and Dad enjoying the mud!
Coreen playing with Deqlan, she got his attention to, was wonderful to see!
Check the pants out!
Keaton walking!
Chocolate mud pie for lunch
The bird bath by great Nan
Deqlan and Nanna
Deqlan entertaining Great Nan
Gorgeous Deqlan

Hello Everybody

Trust you all had a great weekend. We continued to say thank you to you all for your support and prayers and thank you to Our Lord for Deqlans great results last week

I wanted to tell you how wonderful our appointment went with Dr De Jager – a doctors appointment wonderful? Yes, it sure was. Deqlan was in such a great mood an even let us talk quite a while with Dr De Jager before he was examined, normally by this time he is pulling us to get out the room!

When Deqlan got onto the bed to be checked out, Dr De Jager started feeling around his tummy and Deqlan was in giggles and laughter – even Dr De Jager was laughing with Deqlan. Every stethoscope every feel of a gland, this was the funniest thing to Deqlan and i think he would have let Dr examine the entire day cause it was just so much fun! Mark and I were in tears of laughter watching this scene and so grateful that our little soldier is doing so very very well.

Afterwards we went to visit great Nan and Deqlan was in his element because there was a birth bath = water and there were stones and sand= throw into bird bath! He had an absolute ball and great nan had a great time watching our Deqlan get down and dirty – i love Deqlan full of mud and running around!

Logan came to stay the weekend and we went to Caden’s 1st Birthday party! It was really lovely and the kids had a great time. I got to see Keaton walking a few times and he is just such a delight to watch ! Keaton and Deqlan were in the bird bath, where else would they be, or in the sand or flower beds....real little boys these to! Deqlan even thought going to investigate the fire would be great fun, but luckily i had a ‘team’ that stopped him from getting to close when he tried! Caden had a great time and it was such a wonderful occasion to celebrate with his family, being 3 months prem, he certainly has been a real little miracle in front of our eyes.

I took Mr Deqlan to the shops with me on Saturday to get a few last minute things we needed to get the big diet on the go – a few things turned into a lot of things and i am still realising we still don’t everything we need! He was an absolute super star, until we got to the cd shop. I thought id go in and check what new dvds they had as Deqlan is getting bored with the ones we have. I happened to stop right next to Racing Stripes – Deqlan loves him , i don’t think the movie but more the cover and the black and white stripes. So of course Deqlans hand reached out to the dvd and me trying to explain that i wasn’t going to buy another copy didn’t make any sense to him. I had to eventually pry it out of his little hands, screaming and crying, we left the shop and then Deqlan threw one of the biggest tantrums i have ever seen. While i was paying for the parking ticket , he launched his feet against the parking machine and nearly tipped the pram. I tried very hard to remain calm and talk calmly do my boy, but he wasn’t having it. By the time i got to the car, we were in full swing tantrum mode and even the lady that washes your car came to see what all the fuss was about and even helped me move the pram while i was trying to get Deqlan into the car. Not even Coldplay could calm Deqlan down – not even Beethoven or any other music choice i tried did a thing. We landed up at toys r us, where i found the dvd i was looking for ,for Deqlan. He immediately calmed down when he saw all the Thomas and Friends dvds and was in his element taking them off the shelf, looking at the covers at putting them back on. We decided on two Baby Genius dvds and were on our way to the till, no more screaming, happy with our choices and ready to pay! But then , it happened, Deqlan spotted Thomas and his friends bubble blowing machine. I tried to again explain that we already had a very similar one at home and i couldn’t take everything home with us in one go! Well, there we went again and Deqlan was on the floor not letting go of Thomas, for all the tea in china, he knew what would happen next. So we landed up taking 2 dvds and a Thomas and friends bubble blower!

I was sure that Deqlan would fall asleep in the car on the way home, but he just kept holding onto his Thomas bubble blower, i couldn’t even get it free to take it out the packaging!

Another firm favourite at the moment is Free Willy, the know the beautiful Orca whale that captured our hearts many years ago. Well, Deqlan is lucky enough to have the choice of 1, 2 or 3 and he asks us to pick him up to watch each one, but only to a certain point after the credits have rolled and after Free Willy has made a quick appearance, its time to change to the next Free Willy and so we go on most of the day...and night...i have actually hidden two of the Free Willys away to try and mix the variety up a bit again ! The same happens with Happy Feet, you can time to the exact second when Deqlan will watch until and then ask you to take out 10;39 seconds, when the main penguin announces that the “wives are home” from the fishing season. The say kids on the spectrum thrive on routine and things being the same , so thats maybe why he will only watch things to a certain point cause he knows exactly what’s going to happen?

Out of the blue on Saturday night, Logan asked me if Ruan was still in hospital – i felt like bursting out into tears, but just took a deep breath and told her that Ruan was now in Heaven with Jesus , that he was very very sick. She just said, ‘Oh, luckily Deqlan is ok’ my heart dropped.

Sunday, i went to church with Logs and we met Nanna and Meggie and Keaton there, it was packed to the brim!

Afterwards Mark took Logs to see her best friend Caleigh whom she hasn’t seen in nearly 2 years - i hear the girls had a great time together and the wonderful thing is that they just pick up from where the left off!

Dadda and I spent the rest of the evening baking - Gluten Free Casein Free Yeast Free Soya Free Sugar Free Baking - i baked a bread which i was very proud of and Mark did some banana muffins which also came out wonderfully and Deqlan seems to think so to. We also started our Diflucan yesterday (the antifungal to get rid of the Candida) and Deqlan swallowed it with no problem , of course it had to be accompanied by some pear juice to disguise the taste! So we had our first official GFCFYFSFSF day and Deqlan did so very well! I have mentioned a wonderful Mommy i am in contact with , whose son is also on the spectrum and she has given me so many ideas and taught me so much in last few weeks, i am so grateful to you Michele! I also have another friend in Cape Town who has been so very very helpeful, hey, we pratically family, thanks so much Chrizelle and hope all your kids are well!

We received a package yesterday from the land of Jenny McCarthy yesterday, 5 dvds from her teach2talk series! I am so excited about these! One of the most important things you have to establish in a child on the spectrum is how to play – they have now idea how to properly play with toys especially those out of their interests... like if its not a car or Thomas, then chances are Deqlan would get pretty bored and walk away in a few seconds. But these dvds show them how to play , but right from the beginning – Mark and I have always said we need to figure out the steps Deqlan has missed and then fill them in. So these DVDS talk our language for sure. So excited to try them about tonight! Once Deqlan understands them we take the toys that they show in the dvd and model the play on them , the first step to master is take in and take out, and once Deqlan understands that, we move on to the next step, put on and put off and so on....

Oh i forgot to mention that our second session with our new ot went much better, Deqlan only cried a quarter of the time! He managed to calm down as soon as we gave him a little train that he loves there, and he even calmed himself down by sliding through a tight space. We also see that he loves vibration as it calms him and have a few tricks at home which he is enjoying ,like the foot massager and head massager. We are still looking for a speech therapist though, and awaiting the lady to call us back....may have to start looking elsewhere....

I must say we can definitely see a lot of positive changes in Deqlan in the last few days especially – he is giving so much eye contact, its wonderful. He is showing anticipation of things – for example, his new trick to stand on his table or toy box and run up and down, he knows we will come running to say No and he stands there waiting for us to say No and then starts laughing! Yesterday, i took him for a walk, and on the wall was a lion. I stopped on said “Lion” and roared as best as I could, Deqlan was so interested and smiled at my roar! I was elated! We have walked past this crèche wall for many months and Deqlan has had no interest in the animals or what they had to say! This morning, Nanna was making Moo noises when we saw the cows on the Thomas DvD, and he loved this, he carried on touching Nanna asking her to make the sounds! How wonderful is that! Deqlan is also a lot more vocal lots and lots of sounds. There are definitely some new connections being made, so if this is the result from only doing 90% of the diet the last few weeks,and from the vitamins and minerals he is now on, then wow i cant wait for the rest of the diet to have its full effect on Deqlan!

I spoke to Yolandie, Ruans mommy yesterday and she is doing ok, some days are better then others. She starts work again next week and is looking very forward to keeping busy – please do keep the prayers going for this amazing lady

Tomorow is Yolande vd Linde’s funeral and i don’t think i will be able to go as Nanna will be with Grandpa having his bone scan...so i will just ask God to lead me on this decision as to what to do with Mr Deqlan as he is not a sitter – he is a shaker and mover!

Tomorow is also Ash Wednesday so would like to try my very best to get Deqlan to church tomorrow to!

Let me know how you all are, and please please remember to say special prayers for Dee tomorrow that his bone scan is clear!

Please also pray for Sophie, Conrad’s Mom who is in Cardiac ICU for dangerously high blood pressure. Please also pray for Dalene , who is 35 weeks pregnant , on bed rest due to high blood pressure to!

God Bless and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Ferreira Family said...

We can just continue to thank the Lord for Deqlan and for the amazing miracles he has performed in Deqlan's life..

Deqlan is such an inspiration to all our lives, he has taught us all so much - Patience, kindness, faith, strength, courage, laughter, love.. Deqlan has an amazing smile and a wonderful little personality..

We are privileged to watch him grow and learn and can't wait for many more years of fun with Deqlan..

Samm & Mark, you can be so proud of your beautiful son, he has come very far in his life already and I believe that the Lord has big plans for Deqlan..

God Bless & lots of love & hugs!