Friday, February 6, 2009

Ultrasound Clear!

Hello Deqlans Prayer army,

We are back and we are praising Our Lord for wonderful results ! The ultrasound is clear! Thank You Lord Jesus, for giving us the gift of Deqlan and his health, i can not thank You enough Lord.

Thank You Prayer army for standing firm in your faith with us, agreeing on Deqlans healing. You are our rocks and your support, calls, messages and prayers mean the world to us - i cant tell you how much i appreciate you all standing with us on Deqlans journey.

All the ladies in the xray department are always happy to see Deqlan and commented on how big he has grown - they are so lovely and i know they prayer for our Deqlan to. Mr Deqlan was not happy having funny jelly smeared all over his abdomen and tried his best to get off the bed. After pulling out some flings, and trains and balls and music i recorded on my cell , as Nanna's cell was stollen with all the favorite sounds on, we got our soldier to lay still long enough for the doc to get a good look which she is very pleased with.

Down to Oncology and to see Sister Alida. We saw Dr De Jager while Deqlan was waiting outside with me and he gave Deqlan a huge big hug and cuddle. I asked him a few questions that were on my mind and he put them straight at ease.

Sister Alida and Sister Val are so lovely and Sister Val actually goes to our church, so its always nice to know they are going to be doing the bloods. Deqlan HATES this part. Being wrapped in a blanket and being held down so he cant squirm when the needle goes in is terrifying for Deqlan. Sister Alida got the needle in his tiny little vein in his hand , first go , but no blood could be drawn. Deqlan has always had such tiny and delicate veins . I suggested we try his foot and we were much luckier with a nice vein there. We needed to get around 10 tubes of blood!!!! Yes ten, thats a LOT of blood from a little vein. We needed so much for the normal tests Dr De Jager needs and then the mountain of tests Dr Lindenberg has requested. So hopefully this will only be a once off! Deqlan screamed and screamed and i just tried to sing and sing and pray and pray with him, till it was all over. He even wanted the plaster off his hand and foot immediately they were worrying him so much.

We then said goodbye to Dad on his way to work, and Nanna and I decided to take Deqlan for a quick hello to great Nan, as Deqlan loves to run around the gardens at great Nans frail care home. She was delighted to see us and Deqlan a much happier bunny rabbit to be outside in the open! And it stopped raining today so we even had a bit of sun for the first time in over a week, so he got right back to his normal self. Mr Deqlan fell fast asleep on the way home and is now resting on his bed at Nannas house.

We are so grateful Dear Lord for the miracles you continue to perform in Deqlans life and for the amazing prayer army You are leading that stand by us every step of the way.

We get our blood and urine results 20 Feb, so please continue the prayers that they to are perfectly normal and that we can continue to scream and shout and sing NED ALWAYS.

Have a wonderful weekend, you are all so special to us, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan



Anonymous said...

How amazing is our God! Wonderful News Samm, GO DEQLAN!!!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark, and Deqlan,Bev and family,
praise God He is fathful ,He keeps HIs promises.
Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight:.
Continue to pray for you all.
Love Ruth xxx

Ferreira Family said...

Way to go Deqlan!! You are so very brave..

We celebrate with your family today and always!

Claire, Stephan, Hannah & Ethan

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear this wonderful news, What a Great God we serve, always on the side line following your journey Deqlan and praying for you so always be healthly and safe.

Anonymous said...

what great news, we are so happy that Deqlan is clear : )


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news my friends!!! Have a great week-end. We will pray for the results on the 20th!

Love you lots

Sam xxxx

Loren Stow said...

Wonderful News Deqlan!!! You are your mommy's life and light - as it should be (I hear you say...)!
All our love and hoping to see you soon!!

Debbie said...

Praise God for this glorious news! I will continue to pray for the rest of the bloodwork results due back-but thank God for the news from the ultrasound. What a strong boy you have Samm and Mark-and I wish I were closer to give ALL of you hugs and rejoice with you and celebrate this good news. Please know Deqlan is always in my prayers and forever in my heart-he has touched me with his swet smile and I feel as though I know himthrough your words Samm-you do such a wonderful job of describing his likes and interests...thank you for sharing your special guy with the rest of us. God Bless!
Debbie & Connor

adrian au said...

This is such an amazing news! You soooo deserve this.... you have just made my day!

Jenn & Adrian