Friday, August 15, 2008

We are back!

Hello Deqlans Prayer Army,

We are home, later then expected, but we are home and have smiles on our faces.

I did not sleep so well last night, don't think Mark did either - i think i just kept waking up and remembering to pray each time i woke up - then Deqlan was awake at 230am - couldn't figure out what was wrong, but eventually, all the he wanted was a cuddle and to snuggle into my neck and quickly fell back asleep!

We started off at mass this morning, celebrating the assumption of Our Lady, met Great Grandpa, Nanna, Meggie and Keaton at church. Deqlan and I both received a Blessing and our hearts filled with peace and hope and trust and thanks.

What a sight to see our family this morning, Great Grandpa who gave up his communion for Deqlan today, Nanna in her green outfit and camo shoes. Meggie in her green outfit holding Keaton who was 'decked' out in camo from head to toe - to gorgeous for words - thank you to you all for being there for us today and every single step of this journey - the effort you went to to get up so much earlier and sterilise everything Mom, before you came to church, Meggie and Keaton to get up and have all your bags ready for the day and be at mass at 8am is no small feat - and we appreciate it more then you will know !

We then went off to Little Company of Mary and started by inserting the needle into the port to draw the blood - no blood - more heparin - no blood - more heparin - no blood - little bit of force on the needle - no blood - little bit of saline solution - no blood - oh oh - what on earth is going on? The port didn't seemed blocked as everything was going in, but nothing coming out? We decided to go to have the ultrasound and then go back down to try again - Sister Alida put Emla on two spots, just in case we would need to draw blood from somewhere else...

The ultrasound went very very well, Dadda, Nanna, and I managed to entertain, sing, play Deqlans voice recordings on Nannas phone, show toys, eat flings and anything we had to do for Deqlan to lie still for just a little while for the Doc to get a good look. What an absolute super star Deqlan was , amazing little soldier he is.

Thank Our Lord, ultrasound is clear, all looks great and normal and nothing extra, nothing less - we are celebrating this fantastic result! Thank You Dear Lord for answering our prayers.

Of course Deqlan pulled the plasters off his hand and arm and licked the emla off before we could even stop him!

A ride on the golf cart was very welcome by Deqlan and thoroughly enjoyed by us all as we went back down to try and pull blood from the port again

More heparin - no blood - more heparin - no blood - bit of force - no blood - bigger syringe - no blood - oh boy....looks like we are going to have to try a vein in the hand or arm....

Sister Alida went to call a lovely nurse who happens to go to our church and I immediately said ' I AM SO GLAD ITS YOU'

We had Deqlans beloved Dub dvd playing all of his favorite treats, Nanna singing and playing her phone , Dadda holding Deqlan tight and Mama praying - The nurse got the needle into a vein in Deqlans hand first time ( hooray!) but she couldn't get enough blood out (aw no!) so then Sister Alida tried the other hand and after two tries managed to get a little more blood out - enough for the tests. You can imagine how distressed and upset Deqlan was, but was an absolute soldier and was so good and so brave - i am so PROUD to be your Mama Deqlan - you amaze me, you are the strongest , bravest person I will ever know - We love you more then words could ever show you, but i continue to tell you each moment i can - i am so sorry you had to go through a little discomfort this morning and i would take it from you in a second if i could - but you are so brave and such a hero and inspiration to us all, i couldn't have been as brave as you!

Now we wait, and we pray for patience and pray for completely normal results from the blood and urine tests results on 25 August - please please continue to pray army - for Deqlan and all our warriors everywhere!

We are going to go and have a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and smiles and water of course !

Thank you Dada for being my strong,brave, tough, loving, caring , smiling you - i love you so very much and i know that when i am in your arms, everything is alright ..I love you so so so much.

Thank you my love for being the best husband and dad ever - we love you so very much and appreciate all you do for us - thank you for pulling us through tough mornings and for holding us up when we get down - i am honored to be your wife and to be celebrating our 3rd anniversary with you on Wednesday.

Hope you all have a great weekend, thank you for all the calls, messages, emails, text messages - for all your prayers and love - we have the best prayer army ever! A lot of you have said you wore camo today - please send us pics i would love to post them on the blog!

God Bless, lots of love
Mark,Samm, Deqlan



Ferreira Family said...

We are so glad that you received such great news today!

Deqlan, what did i say! You made your mamma & dadda very rpud today by being so brave! WHat a real star you are!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the good news! Celebrate!

Love Us

Anonymous said...

So, so happy thing went well today! you guys are an amazing family! well done Deqlan for being such a big brave boy, we know you mama and dada are extremely proud of you and so are we!
have a great weekend, let your mama and dada spoil you rotten with all those nice treats you love!
lots of love
the grobler 4

Anonymous said...

Yay, so happy to hear all went well. What an awesome day for you all.

Love and miss you guys loads

Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxx

Caden Paul said...

Oh what wonderful news that the ultrasounds are clear! We'll be praying for your results! Hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary.

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Lisa Reid said...

yipeeee once again!! God Bless xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,Mark Deqlan ,Bev and family,
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will make your paths straight.
Thinking and praying for you all.
Lots of love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,Mark Deqlan ,Bev and family,
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will make your paths straight.
Thinking and praying for you all.
Lots of love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

Deqlan really is a very brave lille boy!!
Excellent news on the ultasound! Deqlan is in our prayers and we will be holding thumbs for the other results

Jelenka, Neil & Gianna xxx