Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary My Love

To my one and only Love,
A very Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to you! It feels like yesterday that we were in St Francis sitting in the rain when you asked be to be your wife - one of the happiest moments of my life!
thank you for the most amazing 3 years i could've have ever imagined. It has been an absolute roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs - a lot of highs and lows, a lot of bright shiny corners and a lot of dark , scary , unknown tunnels - but we have gotten through it, we started in the same cart and we are still together in the same cart , and will always be.

I love you more each day and want you to know that i am so grateful for all you have done and continue to do for us, and for working so hard to provide the best you can for our family.

I think you are the most amazing Dad to Deqlan and Logan . They both adore you. You are Deqlans hero and the anticipation and absolute joy on his face, when he hears your car arriving home, is priceless. The excitement in his entire body , asking me to pick him up so i can take him to your car is a true example of the love he has for you, and always will.

I think you are the best husband i could have ever been blessed with - know that how grateful i am for EVERYTHING you do for us, no matter how small or big - even you getting Deqlans bottle ready in the morning, to buying me appletizer when you go to the shops, and getting Deqlans favorite goodies - warms my heart each time as i know how much you love and care for us, thank you my love for choosing me and I promise to try harder each day to be the best mom, wife and friend to you i can be.

May God continue to bless our marriage and strengthen it with each passing year and that our love is as tough as leather ( the symbol for 3 year anniversary) as bright and colourful as crystal ( the modern symbol for 3 years) and guided by Our Lord light always.
i love you forever and always
Your Angel


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Nanna and Grandpa said...

To our darling and precious Samm and Mark

God's most richest blessings on the wonderful 3rd anniversary of your marriage. May God continue to shower upon your family His greatest gifts, guidance, protection, peace and love.

Our words on your card say it all this year, but what we would like to add in this blog is that you are extraordinary parents to Deqlan. You have successfully and lovingly created for him, a physical, emotional and spiritual environment and space that allows and will always facilitate his optimum growth, development and permanent healing. We salute and commend you with great humility as we are aware of the exceptionally hard work it can be at times and the many sacrifices that may be required from time to time, just like the labour required to ensure the incredible relationship you have in your marriage. As a strong, faithful,faith-filled and and devoted family, you continue to embrace and overcome any challenges you may have had to face and we are delighted to observe that you are starting to "pluck at the fruits" of all your loving labour and care. This is especially evident as you continue to walk together, hand in hand, in faith, hope, trust, light and love, on the road of Deqlan's permanent and complete healing.

Today, viewing your wedding photos on the blog, brought back many amazing memories of your wedding day. What a truly beautiful bride you were my darling Samm, and your beauty seems to grow daily, not only externally but from within especially. To my handsome son-in-law, Mark, you are still the dashing bridegroom you were. We love you both very much.

May your love for one another be as endless as your wedding rings.
We wish you many, many more gloriously happy years ahead. May God Himself "head" your home and household and stay blessed in His sacred care and trust.

All our love,
Dee and Mom/Bev

Ferreira Family said...

Dear Samm & Mark,

Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you have a fantastic day and may there be years & years of amazing times together!

May God continue to bless your marriage.

Love us

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary guys. We hope you have an amazing day!!! Thinking of you always and sending all our love.

Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxx

Debbie said...

Happy anniversary....may you share many many more wonderful years together. May you continue to be each others pillar of strength.

Love Debbie and rest of benniman gang..........

Well done i know how much work and nurturing a marriage takes and it could not have been easy with your extra stress. May you continue to be happy forever. Beautiful pic.....

Caden Paul said...

Happy Anniversary guys! May God continue to bless your days together. It is your love that created the beautiful boy that you have and that has kept him strong and healthy when needed most! Hope you guys have many more wonderful years together!E

Lots of Love,
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Loren Stow said...

Happy Anniversary Samm and Mark!
When a marriage is right - it is sooooo right! You guys have a real love story going on and it is beautiful to see!
I hope you have many more magical years ahead!
Love knows no boundaries!