Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Feet

Hello Deqlans Prayer Army
Hope you are all well - i know we have been very quiet - reason = we have been very very very busy!
First bit of news is that Deqlan has tonsillitis, again...i seemed to think Deqlans sinus where blocked over the weekend, and then after Deqlan not wanting to eat anything on Monday i decided to TRY and look down his throat and there they where - lots of tiny white sores - we immediately got Deqlan to our GP, as our Paediatrician offices where closed already. After waiting for over half and hour ( and that's not easy to entertain Deqlan at a doctors office ) we eventually got into the rooms. Deqlan was immediately upset, i am sure he knows when something could be an unpleasant experience.

Doctor had a look at Deqlans throat and immediately said it didn't look good at all - after explaining that Deqlan had just 'recovered' or so we thought, from a previous bout of tonsillitis, he suggested that the previous antibiotic could possibly not have killed all the baddies it shouldve, and it just flaired up again. So our soldier is on 7 days antibiotic now and we had to cancel all therapy for this week so we can hopefully get rid of the bugs for good!

He seems a little better the last few days, playing and running around and getting up to his favorite tricks but Deqlans eating is really shocking at the moment - the only thing he will eat is cheese and bread - we were lucky today to get him to eat some salmon, i am celebrating as this is so good for him - but forget any fruit or veges or even his yogurt that he loves...hoping when his throat feels better the food will get better to - maybe his taste could also be changing? i shall continue trying everything food i possibly can to get him to eat better again.

We had a fantastic anniversary yesterday- even though we were not together most of the day, we felt so loved and so thankful for all the messages by phone and blog and email and sms - thank you to all of you for wishing us. Thank you Darling Dee and Mom for the most stunning otterman trays - cant wait to use them, they are to beautiful and we really love them! Thank you so much Mom for the ENORMOUS amount of effort you went to for our beautiful card, every single detail so perfect and so meaningful and unique - thank you so much for all the love you put into it and put into helping us each and every single day.

Thank you so much Conrad, Meggie and Keaton for the funky coasters and serviette rings - which are going to look so stunning with the otterman trays - cant wait to use them either and shall christen them with you soon! Thank you to guys for our gorgeous gifts from Mauritius - i cant wait for Deqlan to wear his Hawaiian style shirt!

Thank you my love for the stunning new cold play cd and jamiroquai dvd - just perfect!

Deqlan is getting so bright and so clever, he has always been, but learning so many new things each day - he understands so much - even though he ain't talking a whole lot , yet, he understands when i ask him to do something , bring us something, etc

His latest game is hiding behind the curtain - this is an amazing achievement that he is initiating a game by himself ( i can see you smiling Anri and Esedra) . I used to do the hiding and Deqlan used to do the finding Deqlan hides behind the curtain and very slowly starts walking forward soon as his head pops up Mark and i scream hooray and clap hands, and the biggest smile appears on his face, he is so proud of himself!

Another favorite is an amazing toy Nanna found called THE FLYING SAUCER! If you didn't know by now, Deqlan loves things that spin , so this was perfect for him and Nanna! Nanna winds the spinner up and lets it fly off into the air! Deqlan takes great delight watching it fly and then runs to fetch it and quickly brings back to Nanna to do it again and again and again ! They have a ball together to say the least!

The weather was awful the last few days, but spring seems to be back in town! Deqlan couldn't be glader to get rid of all the bulky clothes and especially his shoes and socks - see the pic - those are the color of very happy feet!!!! Just like one of his favorite movies...we watch happy feet at least 5 times a week, well the beginning , dancing part of it at least!

I was honored this week to meet Gabby, Celeste and Jacques little princess ! She is to beautiful and cant believe how big she has grown.
Yesterday i got the chance to quickly go and meet Malakai, beautiful MESSENGER FROM GOD and gift to Loren and Darryl. Kai are to gorgeous and i know you are going to get up to lots of tricks with all the boys as you grow older! Cant wait!

Huge Congrats to Philip and Nats and the wonderful news that they are expecting! We pray Nats that you have a wonderful , problem free pregnancy and enjoy every moment to the arrival of your gift from God!
Congrats to Neil and Jelenka and Gianna to - they have just found out Jelenka is expecting the arrival of their second bundle of joy next year! Congrats, we are thrilled for you all!
For those of you that haven't received the invitation to join our prayer group, please let me know if you would like to - OUR CIRCLE OF MOMS - i send out a weekly email requesting prayers for our children/grandchildren/friends anyone in need of a prayer - if you would like to join please send your email address and ill gladly send you all the details!
Have a great weekend everyone, we going to soak up the sun and continue to be patient, put all our faith and trust in Our Lord and pray for fantastic, normal results for Deqlan on Monday.
Please continue to pray for our soldier to remain NED and for him to get over his tonsillitis for once and for all
Please also say extra special special prayers for all of our friends around the world. Special prayers at the moment are asked for Max and Arden.
Please also pray for our friend Ruan, who goes into hospital 24 August to start the process of his stem cell transplant, and will remain in hospital for around 5 weeks - please pray its a huge success and that Yolandie, his mommy, continue to be the amazing faithful , positive person she is.

Let us know how you all are
God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Amy Bucher said...

Happy Anniversary! We're praying for Deqlan's scans to be clear, and for his tonsilitis to clear up quickly. Thanks so much for the extra prayers for Arden; we really, really appreciate it.

All best & God bless,

Amy, Rick, Arden & Grayson Bucher
New London Twp., PA, USA