Friday, August 1, 2008

those boots are made for walking

Hi All

Deqlan seems a little better today, drinking lots and lots of fluid which is great when you have a strep throat. I feel terrible, i think its the antibiotic making me feel atually worse then what i am, and praying i start feeling better cause i have so much unpacking and sorting to do this weekend
Enjoy some new photos of Deqlan in his camo boots from Nanna and Grandpa AND Deqlans beautiful new jersey which arrived today from Aunty Sheila in Cape Town! Its to beautiful Aunty Shea and thanks for putting so much love and care into it, the little bear in his car is perfect for Deqlan, he loves it to and keeps touching the fluffy bear, you are to kind and so thoughtful Aunty Shea!

The sunset is from the last afternoon we were at our old place - i know, i am very sentimental with stuff like that...

Also, some photos of Deqlan and Dadda walking around the estate in our new place- Deqlan loves looking at the signs and lines in the road- he even manages to balance on the line

Conrad, Meggie and Keaton leave on their first overseas trip as a family on Monday to Mauritius! We hope you guys havea fantastic time , relax and say hello to our little island in the sun and tell her we will see her soon. Hope Keaton enjoys every moment on the beach and in the water, be safe, have a great time and we will miss you terribly!
The nerves have started to kick in , as we go for our ultrasound, blood and urine tests in 2 weeks time - please pray that all remains normal and that our soldier remains ned always.

Please continue to pray for baby Dyllan, he is recovering after his heart surgery, but now fighting a lung infection, hang in there little man, you are doing so well

Please continue the prayers for Katie and her devoted family
Please pray for Charlize, terminal from nb and for guidance and strenght for her parents

Please pray for all our warriors around the world, we desperately need to find that cure...its out there....Please Dear Lord guide us to it.

Have a fantastic weekend and let us know how you all are
God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan

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