Monday, August 4, 2008

still unpacking!

Hi Everyone
Hope you had a great weekend?
I must say we are both feeling alot better and have hopefully kicked the bugs for good
Friday night, yip, we started the unpacking process again and our little soldier jumped into to help in his own way...he unpacked all the curtain hooks all over the carpet, but it was fun for him while it lasted!
Saturday Dadda had some erands to run - got a whole lot of new bathroom accesories which he spent most of the weekend putting up! Deqlan and i enjoyed a run around the streets of the estate and even made a new little friend, Hanco - he is 18 months old and doesnt go to school yet, so thats great, exactly what i wanted to hear.
Deqlan is definitely the braver of the two, challenging Hanco to run with him, he first had to check him out though, and looked Hanco up and down from his toes to his head and even had to run around him to make sure he was ok. Then off they went up the road , into other driveways - i think they had a great time.
Saturday afternoon Meggie came to fetch me for church and we met Grandpa and Nanna there. Was a wonderful service about letting your light shine, the love you have for Jesus, radiating from your face and soul - not only while at mass, but throughout the day !
We were so surprised to see Michele Mayberry ( now Polome) at Mass with her mom in law and her kids! Michele has been a great support and leader of prayer for our Deqlan, she belongs to the group Mothers prayers and they get together every week to pray for their kids and grandchildren. Michele is visiting from the UK and was so so generous and kind to give me her own copy of the Mothers Prayers book to get started, thank you so so much Michele for this stunning gift, i shall treasure always. It was wonderful to see you and sorry we couldnt have more time to catch up - thank you for your continued support and above all prayers for our Deqlan. Grace and Matthew are absolutely gorgeous and are lucky to have you as their mom!
Sunday, we did a little more unpacking, hanging of curtains, washing of things i had forgotten we had and i must say things are now starting to take shape and i think by the next weekend or 2 we should be mostly settled in. Deqlan loved playing in the sand and water - sand +water = mud! We enjoyed running around some more with Deqlan , who continues to be fascinated by the signs and markings on the road and streets. We bumped into Hanco and his mom again and i had to ask if he went to school , as you know we have to be so careful with Deqlan and luckily, he is not a school goer yet, so maybe we have made a buddy for Deqlan - she was absolutely shocked when i explained Deqlans story and said she couldnt imagine that happening to such a tiny tot - thats were awareness comes in - we got to raise more awareness that cancer affects everyone - no age, race, sex, rich or poor, happy or sad choices - its can affect anyone and we need to do something about it - another 3 warriors became angels on 1 August - Katie, Gus and Kristin . We have to find the cure, it is out there somewhere - please do whatever you can to help fight neuroblastoma - support, create awareness, pray.
Meggie and Keaton popped past quickly yesterday to say good bye before they left for Mauritius this morning. We just got a call saying they have landed safely and Keaton was an absolute star - no ear ache at all - he had a sleep and sucking his dummy seemed to have helped his ears. Megs took something with her, from me to throw in the sea and let it sink to the bottom...never ever to return
For those of you who dont know, thats where Deqlan started getting sick - on the morning we were coming home , he had a terrible fever, was as pale as a ghost and had absolute no energy, his little head wasnt even strong enough to lift off my shoulder - mark and i were terrified on the flight home, we just wanted to get home and get Deqlan to the doctor - the doctor said it was a very bad infection he must have picked up in Mauritius , but this is where things started to point in directions to neuroblastoma....
Speaking of Meggie - attached find my very stunning, early happy 30th birthday present. Its a silver star, with Deqlans name on it, with his finger print - its is so very very very special and priceless and ill treasure it always - thanks so so much Conrad, Megs and Keaton for my birthday present, couldnt imagine anything more beautiful, thank you
Deqlan loves music and takes great joy in running to the radio or tv when he recognises a song or tune - today Nanna discovered Deqlan loves the song HEY NA NA NA - dont know who sings it , but if i could sing it to you , you would remember instantly -has a latin american feel to it - well, i tell you Deqlans face lit up like a Christmas tree and i was so happy i could capture it on camera!
wELLl, i am off to storks nest now, the clinic that does the vaccinations to sit down and work out a plan with them for Deqlans vaccinations - we have to catch all, make that start over with all of them , so we need to be prepared, cost and time wise and I am so excited to go because this will be the start of Deqlan being able to be around more people and kids, although i think we will always be cautious and extra careful
Have a great day, lots of love and God Bless
Please pray for our Deqlan to remain ned, please pray for all our friends for healing
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Ferreira Family said...

I am so glad you and Deqlan are feeling much better! The photo's are stunning, he has such a little personality. Can't wait for Hannah & Deqlan to play together real soon.

Have a great Day! Lots of hugs!

Claire & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm,

Thank you for the kinds words, it was only a massiv pleasure to share with you. I hope all goes well with all the unpacking, it just takes time. It was also lovely seeing you, your more speical than I think you even realise.
ALL my love till back in the UK
Michelle and Family.