Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi Everyone

Just a quick note to let you know we spoke to Prof Beale and he will be removing the port on Tuesday afternoon at Morningside clinic. We need to be there by 1pm and then he will remove the port sometime during the afternoon and we can go home as soon as Deqlan is awake and had something to drink.

We had another trip to our paed last night, as Deqlan was screaming when passing urine, so we thought a bladder infection or something along those lines - when we eventually got to see the paed we where horrified to hear that there are still white spots on Deqlans tonsils! This could be the same tonsilitis that is resistant to the antibiotics or it could be thrush, which would explain the screaming, probably burning sensation when Deqlan has a we have some stuff that hopefully clears it away and we have a standby prescription for another antibiotic if Deqlan gets a fever over the weekend. But so far so good,he seems great, no moaning today, so I think we are dealing with thrush, no wonder after two rounds of antibiotics in 2 weeks ..........

Please pray that Deqlan is fighting fit so that we can go ahead with removing the port on Tuesday and that he can heal in time for his Birthday!!!!!

God Bless have a great weekend, will post lots more on Meggies Birthday soon and details on our new addition to our site, the music!

Please, please say prayers for all our warriors, especially for Max and Arden

Great news for Will, his scans are stable!

Love Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Oh Samm oh Samm

here i wanted to check on your blog and check on little or should i say big Deqlan and i was surprised by the is beautiful...i liked it so much i stole the idea!!!!

But did you have to choose such a beautiful song to surprise me...i dont know if i am preggies again as i am so emotional this weekend...cant be preggies by the way!!!! But i was thinking of what to send you for prayers and well i realised my kids are healthy thank the lord...after reading about all the childrens suffering, babies suffering, angels going to heaven way too soon problems my worries seem so small...and now this song just got the tears started....

enjoy the weekend


Anonymous said...

good luck, Deqlan is in our thoughts and prayers!!!!! will be thinking of you guys tomorrow

love jelenka