Thursday, August 7, 2008

Deqlan meets Noddy!

Today was an unforgetable day, Deqlan got to meet you of his beloved friends in person Noddy! We have been planning this trip for quite some time and so excited the day eventually arrived.

Deqlan has the most amazing, most wonderful,loving and caring Nanna we could have ever been Blessed with...Nanna arranged a very very special treat, after the show Deqlan got to meet Noddy and take photos with him! Deqlan was intrigued by Noddy and loved touching his face and eyes and just smiled and even gave Noddy a kiss! It was one of the most precious moments i have ever experienced with Deqlan and Nanna and I will treasure it always! We just missed Dada sssooo much today as we know how badly he wanted to come with to see Deqlans reaction to Noddy! We also missed our shopping partners in crime, Meggie and Keaton, but we are sure they were just fine on the beach walking in the sea.....miss them terribly though, things are so quiet here!

After Noddy we were asked to leave Deqlans hand print on the wall of fame...he didnt like the paint on his hands though and wanted it off asap!
we found a few other goodies at the show, like a blue bull, I am sure Dada will be very chuffed with this purchase, some cute clothes and ......CLAMBER CLUB WAS THERE!

Deqlan was in his element to sit in the stand and watch his beloved jog the frog singing away! We also got a lovely cd with clamber club songs on which we are already enjoying in the car ...i cant wait for Deqlan to go , once a week they have a group of kids and there is a specific theme for that week - the kids play and sing and enjoy the clamber club equipment... I CANT WAIT and i know Deqlan will LOVE IT!
Deqlan loved having his jog the frog shirt on today - i picked him up so he could see it in the mirror, and he laughed and giggled and laughed some more!
Deqlan is getting more used to our new place and enjoying toys he hasnt seen in a while, especially the train set from Conrad and Meggie - is loves watching it go round and round and hearing the sound of the train on the tracks!
Summer is definitely on the way hooray...should i say spring rather...its getting darker later , its not cold during the day, we up to 24 degrees in the day already so very pleasant! Deqlan took full advantage of this yesterday when Nanna brought a bucket of water and some toys out for Deqlan to enjoy - he wanted his clothes off and was delighted to roam as he pleased and jumped in and out the water for as long as we would let him... he sure is going to love swimming, bring on summer, we cant wait to use the pool!

We had our 4th session of music therapy today and it seemed to go a little better in that Deqlan was a lot more interested in makig music with Anja on her guitar and we could calm him down a lot quicker . He also enjoyed tapping on a drum while Anja sang on the guitar and thats a first....
Dont know if i have mentioned it before but Nanna has sound clips on her phone of Deqlan saying car and laughing, as well as his favorite songs from his favorite programmes like telly tubbys, dub, backyardigans ...Nanna discovered quite a while ago, that playing these clips to Deqlan brings him enormous joy, especially hearing his own voice. Nanna played his voice to him when we were at the doctor last week and it immediately calmed him down, so thats the game plan for the ultrasound and blood tests for next week Friday! The doctor even asked if she could buy Nannas phone to help all her other little patients calm down!
Congrats to Stephan and Nadia on hearing their second little bundle of joy is another boy! I am sure Aidan will be so chuffed! Congrats guys!
Also, waiting in anticipation for Loren to bring her little boy into the world, baby has engaged and Loren is having pain, could they be contractions? As she says, only Malakai knows if this is the day he decides to arrive on! Good luck Loren, enjoy this miracle experience to its fullest! Cant wait to meet Malakai!
Have a great weekend everyone, i will be , yip you guessed it, unpacking! We are nearly there, but want to play with Deqlan more then unpacking this weekend , so holding thumbs we can enjoy lots of fun together!
God Bless, thanks for all your prayers and messages for little baby Declan
Lots of love, God richest blessings on you all
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Caden Paul said...

Hey guys,

The photos look awesome! So glad you guys got to have so much fun. My heart swells with joy when I see how much you're enjoying your son after all that you've been through. You guys are such a strong family and an inspiration to us all! Have a great weekend!

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Bonjour from Sunny Mauritius..... I am in absolute tears of joy seeing my little Deqlan meet Noddy and Friends - Thank you dear God for making this day possible and for blessing Deqlan with your greatest gift - his health!!! How much would you charge your good old aunt for an autograph one day seen that you are arleady leaving your hand print behind on the wall of fame????? He he he
Missing you all so very very much and knowing that God will bring us together again very soon...
Love to your mom and dad and nanna and grandpa!!
Keaton sending his big coz a great big high 5 and cant wait to play together real soon...
Until we meet again - God bless you all and keep you safe!
Love from "your island", Ile Maurice,
Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Debbie said...

I just love seeing pictures of your little guy! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. :) Also-thank you for introducing us to Declan...too many kids facing cancer, huh? Love reading all of your updates-makes me so happy to see Deqlan doing so well and thriving like he is!
Love, Debbie & Connor

Anonymous said...

THESE PICS ARE TOO PRECIOUS FOR WORDS!! One month to go before the BIG no. 2 big boy! You are really growing up quickly and are still an inspiration to us. We will be praying extra hard that your tests all come back clear and that you continue to remain NED!
With lots of hugs and kisses
Kobus, Bron, Matt and Bump