Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Meggie

To an incredible sister, Godmother and best friend

Happy 28th Birthday Meggie! We hope you have the most magical birthday ever and many many more.

I know this year is extra extra special as you have the biggest gift you could have ever hoped for in the form of your beautiful son, Keaton

I wish you all the love and happiness you could possibly imagine and i wish you all the blessings that you give to others, are all showered upon you

Thank you for being the best sister and friend to me - we share the most amazing bond and i know we always will - it is so much deeper then just being sisters,its best friends and we are such a huge part of each other - isn't it amazing how we don't have to say a word or not even be in the same room, and we know what each other needs .For teaching me so much and for making me laugh, picking my spirits up and for giving me the honor of being Keatons Godmother.

For being the best godmother to Deqlan - for being a part of his healing army from the very hour we found out about the journey that lay ahead of us. For being at every doctors appointment, scan, every hour of every day , even getting to the hospital at 6am in the morning to relieve mom so i would never have to be alone. even now, with a gorgeous son of your own, you both get up and get ready no matter what time in the morning, with your green and camo outfits , and join us at every test and scan - my gratefulness for this, can never be shown or told to you in words - know that this has altered my life in so many ways and there is no amount of times i could say thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our Deqlan who loves you very very much.

For the love you shower upon Logan, for all the guidance and love and making her feel so loved and important - cant wait for her to come and visit you to again, she loves you so very very very much to.

You are such a special friend, not only to me, but all those who know you - nothing is to big for you to help with, no problem to insignificant, no friend will be left heartsore without you trying your everything to cheer them up and help them out

Your enormous and giving heart to any project you can help with - again no words to say thank you for the choc projects you have initiated and handed over in absolute honor of Deqlan and others fighting nb and other cancers - you always give to everyone in need , in anyway you can

I could go on the entire day on the amazing person you are

Please always know how much i love and appreciate the compassionate, loving, caring, supportive, giving sister, and friend you are

I am so proud to call you my sister and best friend and i love you with all my heart and soul! cant wait to get to see you today to give you a huge hug to wish you the best birthday ever , holding the most precious gift you will ever receive,Mr Keaton John Du Plessis

love you Meggie, God bless
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

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Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Thank you dear Samm for the most beautiful message! I love you so much and Thank God for you each and every day! Thank you for making my day so special and so memroble! God truely blessed me with the best sister and friend in the world! I learn the true meaning of kindness, humility, honor, love and stength from you!
THank you for especially going to I love cup cake to get me my favorite Granadella/Poppy Seed Cup cake! That went down so well! Thank you for the rest of the weekend adn all the love you spread around! God bless you my sister! Love you millions, Megs