Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are home!

Hello Deqlans army

We are just back from the hospital with great,no, make that fantastic news!

The doctor cant see anything strange on the ultrasounds, all looks clear in the abodomen and pelvis area, thank You Dear Lord Jesus!

Deqlan did not like having the sonar done one little bit, even though its the easier of all the scans to have done. He just didnt like being held still , but eventually did co operate enough for the doc to get the pics she needed.

We saw alot of the familar faces from the x ray department, that have been on this journey with us since May 2007 - it was wonderful to see them and they were all so thrilled at how well Deqlan looks and how much energy he has ! They where also so encouraging saying all will be fine with todays scans, it always makes me feel better! Deqlan ran around the waiting room and even bumped a ladies water off the table and had everyone laughing

We then walked down to the oncology centre for the blood and urine test - we were a little worried at Deqlans reaction as it has been 4 months since we had any blood drawn from his port - but Deqlan was a super star, a real soldier! With his ghost pops in one hand and his Cedarmont Kids bible dvd playing and Mama and Dada standing each side, he let the sister clean the area and put the needle in with not a boo or ba! Nanna waited outside and expected to hear our soldier cry as he doesnt like this part very much, but sister opened to the door to a smiling Nanna happy that Deqlan was not stressed out ! We waited a while to collect enough urine for the vma/hma tests and off we were. So it went very very well, Deqlan you are such a soldier my boy, we are SO proud of you!

Our appointment with Dr De Jager is 26 Feb at 0900 to discuss scans , urine and blood tests and plans forward. Please continue to pray that these tests also indicate Deqlan to be totally NED forever!

We where very, very sadened today to hear that two warriors had past away in the last 2 weeks - JP, 16 years old and Koketso, our special friend who battled lymphoma, 4 years old . We are so heart sore to hear this and pray for comfort and guidance for their families. What wonderful, strong, courageous boys you are! We will never ever forget you.

Its Dr De Jagers birthday today! Happy Birthday Dr De Jager - continue working your healing abilities on our children, and continue to let God guard and light your path in helping all those you do. Thank you for all you continue to do for our Deqlan.

Thank you for all your prayers, messages, emails and calls for Deqlan - please continue to pray for Deqlan and all his friends fighting neuroblastoma and other cancers.

Have a lovely day , God Bless and thanks to you all for continuing to be there for us
All our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Anonymous said...

I read this article

Anonymous said...

Such good news...........and Deqlan is being such a strong boy. I am so happy for ALL of you.
Charli Anns' Grandma B

Anonymous said...

glad to hear Deqlan was so brave today, will be praying that the results come back showing all clear.

jelenka & gianna

Claire Ferreira said...

WOW, what great news. SO glad all went well today.

I pray that our healing Father continues to bless Deqlan with great health.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, Samm and Deqlan,

What wonderful news to read that things went so well and that Deqlan is doing so well, he can only go from strength to strength. I can't wait for the day to meet him in person - so he and Hannah can cause havoc in the bathroom together ... ha ha ha
God bless,
All our love,
Heidi James and Hannah

Will's Dad said...

Hoping for continued great news and expecting nothing but more brave days ahead for Deqlan.