Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Games Deqlan plays


Look how big i have grown in just 3 weeks!

hello All

hope you enjoying the weekend! Our little soldier is getting up to lots of mischief these days are thoroughly enjoying the new games he has created for himself!

Deqlans favourite at the moment and our most unfavourite is opening and closing the toilet - which he has been doing for a while, but now he manages to put his arm into the toilet and splash the water around! He actually took an apple juice carton this morning and threw it down the toilet! Well, guess where Mark is going now - to buy toilet seat clips that keep the toilet closed! If we Left it , i cant even imagine what else will be thrown down there!

Another favorite is space man! Anything that can fit over Deqlans head becomes his astronaut helmet!

The dogs food has also become a firm favourite - Deqlan know how to get the lid off the bucket and loves playing with the cup that we use to put the food into the bowl with - it goes missing quite often to! The dog pelets also seem very apealling to Deqlan , i have stopped him a few times trying to have a taste.

Deqlan loves opening and closing the doors , especially the doors of Nanna and Grandpas shower and this soon turns into a game of peek a boo!

That has to be Deqlans favourite - i jusy say, OK BYE BYE and Deqlan starts laughing and running away - he doesnt always give me enough time though to hide, and has figured out all my hiding spots so finds me quite quickly!

We also have a few new faces - just wish i could catch him pulling them to take a photo but he is so quick! He loves pulling his nose up and knows that we laugh at him so he doesnt it even more with a smile on his face.

Deqlan doesnt mind playing alone for a little well , but soon comes to find us and takes us by the hand, pants, skirt..whatever he can hold onto and pulls us where he wants to go!

He is making more sounds each day and at the moment he can say a, e,i,o and u - or it could just be my imagination but it sure sounds like it !

Wanted to get our little monkey swimming again today but it looked like it was going to rain so will have to think of something else to entertain our busy little chap!

Spoke to Logan last night, and she is at the Vaal again this weekend with Granny and Grandpa! I hear that a flight with Grandpa over the Vaal is on the cards, i know she is going to enjoy that - hoping to post photos!

I realised i hadnt posted photos from Bron and Kobus wedding ( they had a great time on honeymoon but missed Matt!) and of Deqlan enjoying Dada bathing the dogs - enjoy

Conrad, Meggie & Keaton all doing well, Meggies will be going for some more blood tests next week to investigate causes of her high blood pressure and post partum haemorages, please pray they all continue to do very well !

Update on Wends- the hysterectomy went very well and she had no pain and feeling great!

Update on Kate - all scans still clear and she remains no evidence of disease!
Please pray for a 19 year old girl from our church, Sophia, she is 19 and not responding to chemo anymore please pray for her doctors to know what to do to kill the cancer

Please pray for all our friends and every person affected by cancer!

Please remember the CANSA SHAVATHON happening around all major shopping centres in South Africa on 16 Feb - if not to shave off all your hair, please support by donating and having your hair spray painted and please, please, please send us pics so we can post on the blog!

Special prayers for our Deqlan for Tuesday, as we go for our first ultrasound and blood and urine tests post surgery , promise to post as soon after as i can , but we wont have firm results until round 25 February, but the ultrasound will be re assuring to us, that God continues to keep Deqlan NED. If you would like to please get your uniform of green or camo out in support of our soldier!

God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha, couldn't help but laugh out loud at all the mischief little Deqs is getting up to! Glad he's keeping his parents busy and out of trouble!! Will pray for the scans! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. Will catch up soon!

Wes & Elriza

Anonymous said...

Hello Deqlan! I haven't visited your site lately, but I do continue to keep you in prayer! Tell Mommy I love the pictures of everyone and you are so cute and seem very active. I will lift you in prayrer this day and tomorrow. I pray that this time of Lent is very special for you. God Bless! Charli's Grandma Preister