Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great results

Hello Everyone!

Just back from Dr De Jager and we got great results!

Blood and urine results all normal ! NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL! What wonderful words - we are overjoyed and continue to be so grateful to Our Healing Lord and all of you that continue to stand with Deqlan and pray for him.

The plan is to go back in 3 months time for blood and urine tests again.

6 months from now another ultra sound scan will be done of the area where the primary tumor started

There will be no ct scans or mibg scans unless the markers in the blood and urine tests are raised, as Dr De Jager does not want Deqlan to be exposed to more radiation and nuclear isotopes then is necessary.

Deqlan was given a thorough examination and Dr was very very pleased to see how well Deqlan looks! Dr De Jager even helped Deqlan do his hand stand in his office.

Our soldier did not enjoyed his check up -he is not used to them anymore and definitely did not want to be on his back! Once Dr was done, Super Nanna to the rescue and she got our beautiful soldier to sleep and relax! Mom, i dont tell you enough how much i appreciate you being there with us - you continue to be with us every step of the way - thank you with my all and everything from Mark, Deqlan and I - we could not walk this road with out you and your love and support , be it holding Deqlan, to carrying our bags to a shoulder to cry on to a smiling face that brightens any day - you are our rock, and you hold the torch in our family - the light that God has given us to guide us on this path - you are the best Mom & Nanna , we could ever have asked for - and I thank Our Lord for sending me my guardian angel on earth - we love you and treasure you so very much my darling Mom!

Deqlan now weighs 12,5kg hooray! He is now 87cm long , and is definitely a tall 18 month old Dr says - he is above the charts for his length at this age and weight - so i think Deqlan definitely inherited this from his Great Grandad - they say when you are 2 you can double the height to get an idea of how tall you will be as an adult ! wow - if thats true we got a tall soldier on our hands, how wonderful! Deqlans 2nd cousin, my god son, Jeran, is also very very tall and is fantastic at sports!

Its still a bit of a debate on Deqlans staging - as we where originally told Deqlan has stage 4s, but after some doctors mentioning stage4 - it seems to be Deqlan was stage 4 from the beginning - the s means he was diagnosed under 1 year of age , with spread to the bone marrow - 4 is after 1 with spread to bone and marrow - Deqlans was in bone and bone marrow, but diagnosed at 8 months - so Dr De Jager says we should take it as stage 4.

Some great news is that we should be able to socialise and be around children more as soon as Deqlans vaccinations starts in October again- we still have to keep him protected from uneccesary germs and illness as is body is not yeat 100% fit to fight against them - he will definitely need to be exposed to them in time, but we got to give his body the tools to fight them first! Cant wait - but all things good comes to those who wait - patience, we dont want to rush this and we are going into winter shortly so after that our little soldier will be ready to rock and roll!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and beings for your posts, emails, calls , messages and prayers for Deqlan and out family - we certainly have the strongest, most caring and loyal army fighting right beside us, thank you , we love and appreciate you all!

Have a lovely day, let us know how you are and please dont forget to pray for our friends fighting nb and other cancers - we need each and every single prayer, each and every single word of awareness.

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Claire Ferreira said...

If i could i would post a picture of me dancing for absolute joy in celebration of the great miracles the Lord is working in Deqlans life!!

We are very happy for you all!! Give Deqlan big hugs & kisses from us.

Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Samm, what fantastic news my friend. I have been thinking of you guys all day, and am so, so overjoyed for you that all is well.

We love you and miss you more than anything. Please give Deqlan a big kiss from us MacDonald's.

Love Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day! Congrats guys, I now understand how proud you must be of your beautiful little boy! He is such a stunning fighter! Hope you guys have a fantstic week with this wonderful news to boost you! We'll keep on praying for Deqlan's complete and total healing!

Lots of love
Elriza, Wes & Caden

Anonymous said...

Dear Samm, Mark and Deqlan,
What wonderful news. Miracle just seem to be on going in the lives of special people. We thank the Lord for keeping Deqlan in His loving tender care.
Lots of hugs and kisses for Deqlan
God Bless
The Pauls, Cape Town

Anonymous said...

We are soooo HAPPY for you guys, what wonderful news!!! Congratulations on the good results, we'll continue to pray for you guys so that Deqlan heals completely......we can't wait to meet him:-)

Have a SPECTACULAR day and week!!!

Coreen and Grant

Anonymous said...

Hi to the precious Higgins family,

I am over-joyed and can't wait to share this amazing wonderful news with my guys!!! We did our "camo thing" for Deqlan yesterday and tonight we can again celebrate and and pray our prayers of thanksgiving for the continued healing in Deqlan's life. May you all continue to be blessed for all the love you spread around! We look forward to seeing Deqlan growing from strength to stregth and know that he has a full and wonderful life ahead of him as he continues to bring you much joy!

Take good care...
Tons of love and blessings,
Karen, Dave, Jordan and Dylan xxx

LisaReid said...

yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee : )