Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on Austin

Thank you for the outpouring of thoughts and prayers. After a very shakey night Austin is doing better. Fortunately the hospital was prepared and had the all antibiotics going quickly. If not for that we are not sure he would have made it through the night. We spent the night in the PICU where his blood pressure finally stablized and his temperature returned to normal. He ended up receiving so much fluid that he is puffy. No source or location of the infection has been identified yet. After being minimally responsive all day and night he woke up this morning and the first thing he asked for was his colored Sharpe markers and clipboard so I could work on his homework. He is still not feeling well. He has had hints of a smile here and there for visitors but he is really not able to muster much. He should be transferred out to the regular floor later today or tomorrow. Hopefully we can get this infection under control so we can get on with fighting cancer.

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Anonymous said...

hi just arrived at sun city and had to login to find out about Deqlans results, so happy :)
love Dale and Lisa