Friday, February 22, 2008

Deqlan had a great fall

Hello All

All great this side - just battling with the heat! We never happy are we? But looks like same rain brewing this afternoon so look forward to that

Our beautiful soldier was playing peek a boo with me and as he ran to find me, he fell over his feet and fell very hard on our tiled floor! It was the hardest i have heard Deqlan fall and the loudest he has cried from a fall,needless to say Dada and I got a fright and quickly checked that nothing was broken or seriously hurt on our soldiers body! Thank The Lord all was fine, except a huge bruise on Deqlans cheek - it looks a little painful and a little darker today, but it doesnt seem to worry Deqlan he continues to run around , make that sprint around and play as hard and rough as he can- thats the way we like it!

We managed to get some water wings onto Deqlan while in the jacuzzi as it is a little deep in the middle and Deqlan doesnt do still in water ! Well as you can see from the photos he wasnt to fond of them and tried to chew them off!

Dada is planning on seeing Logan this weekend, so we look forward to hearing all the new stories about school and her friends, hoping to get some new photos to, they grown way to quickly !

We are looking very very very forward to our Easter break at the end of March - we will all be going down to the Midlands in Natal for 1 week. Its going to be quite a story as this time we have two baba's to pack for - two camping cots, two prams - a ga zillion nappies, hundreds of bottles and dummies....but we cant wait to take the boys to the mountains! Normally Logs comes with us , but until Deqlans immune system is back to normal we still have to avoid contact with kids. Last year Deqlan couldnt understand the concept of hunting for Easter eggs, but this year im sure he will be in his element looking for the chocolate bunnies and eggs - i know i will be to - it will have been 40 days of no chocolate for Nanna and Mama - so i think we will gladly help Deqlan find his!!!!!

Have a great weekend , let us know how you are
Please continue to pray for Wesley, Elriza & Caden, and all of our courageous friends and their families
God Bless lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hello to all of you!!
Heavens Deqlan...we hope your bruise heals quickly. Kate too had an accident at daycare on Friday and has a bruise on the side of her face! Our two NB warriors are always doing similar things aren't they?!? We still have you in our daily prayers and really enjoy all of the beautiful pictures you post!!! Hugs from the other side of the equator...where we still have a ton of snow and were happy that the temperature FINALLY rose above the freezing point today. :)

Hugs, hope, prayers and support!
Karen, Kate and the Jacobs crew

Anonymous said...

Dearest Samm, Deqlan, Mark & Logs,

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support during the past rollercoaster week. And also for getting so many people to pray for little Caden. It is definitely working! I am very glad to see Deqlan is getting up to much mischief, he really is a beautiful little boy and I cant wait for Caden to meet him! You guys must have a fantastic holiday, you deserve it!

Elriza, Wes & Caden