Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello Deqlans Army

Apologies for the Shavathon entry and spacing that was totally out - no matter how many times i have gone back to try and edit and change it wont let me! so sorry but hope you enjoyed the photos

The Shavathon was a huge success and it was so wonderful to do something so small to help CANSA. Their was even a beautiful jack rusell who was spray painted for the cause - hope to post pics of that soon !

All fine on this side with our soldier - he has gotten into a little bit of a habit, not wanting to sleep in the afternoons , but by the time we get home at 1730 or so , then its sleep time, before Deqlan has had supper, he is in dream land! He wakes up again round 9 for a few minutes for something to drink and then back to sleep - but the sun rises a little earlier for our soldier - round 3 or 4 !!! It takes us a while to get him back to sleep but then he does for a an hour or 2! So Dada and I are a little tired at the moment but hoping to get Deqlan back into his sleep in the afternoons!

Deqlan is still LOVING the pool ! He actually cries to go outside and doesnt even wait for us to put his swimming outfit on - he jumps in nappy and all!

He even got into the jacuzzi with Grandpa yesterday and loved the jets and bubbles - it took me a while to coax Deqlan out! He is definitely a water baby just like his sister Logan!

Its one week to go before we see Doctor De Jager again to get the results of the blood and urine tests - i have a load of questions to ask about vaccinations, our pets , the plan for the next few months etc. Please pray that these resuls continue to show Deqlan to have NO EVIDENCE Of DISEASE FOREVER AND EVER

Nanna and Grandpa also well - Nanna is a very busy lady - she is the bionic form of Mary Poppins! Now she has tWo boys to love, care for and entertain! Keaton has already had his first taste of Nanna's beautiful singing and Deqlans Bible songs which he seems to love - Keaton is growing by the day and up to 3.2 kg now and fitting into more of his newborn outfits, cant believe he is 1 month old already! We are still waiting on Meggies blood results, shall keep you posted.

Please continue to pray for Elriza and Wesley as a decision shall be made later today on babys arrival. If you want to follow their story you can clik on the link for Caden Paul on the right or go to www.cadenpaul.blogspot.com - these are such special friends of ours and have been with Deqlan every single step of this journey not to mention their family across the country. God has such an amazing plan for you all - and He shall continue to keep you all safely wrapped in His arms and pour His love on you all.

My heart is saddened today as i read about so many of our neuroblastoma friends that have relapsed, that have gone home to Our Lord, or disease progressed or running out of options - please take a few seconds of your day to pray for these AMAZING children - for healing, for them and their families and friends and for guidance! Please please continue to spread the word and lets do whatever we can to raise funds to stop this disease - i think its time for another letter or 20 to Oprah...whos with me?

Thank you for all the prayers, love and support that continue for Deqlan - we appreciate each and every one of them - you all play such an amazing role in Deqlans army

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam Mark and Deqlan and Bev and family i feel that the Lord is saying "Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight" in regard to your concerns regarding Deqlans tests love Ruth xxx