Monday, February 11, 2008

Deqlan is 17 Months today!

Hooray for Deqlan!

Our soldier is exactly 17 months today , my how the time flies - cant believe ill be saying he is a year and a half in a few weeks time.

Deqlan continues to entertain us - he loves opening and closing the fridge, freezer, dish washer and washing machine. When i was cleaning up before leaving home this morning, i put a load of washing on to discover Deqlans hidden treasures in the washing machine - a carton of apple juice, a spagetthi spoon, a microwave cover for plates and his helicopter!

Another form of entertainment wish Deqlan Loves at the moment is changing the chanels on the tv - he stands with his little finger exactly on the chanel button, he knows exactly where it is , and presses and watches the chanels change and then runs away and comes back to look if we have changed it back to the correct chanel. Dada actually said no in a very stern voice, and Deqlan just smiled at him as he carried on changing the chanels..oh dear ..we got a very stubborn little soldier on our hands!

The nerves have started kicking in now, only a few more hours before we have seen the ultra sound scan .....i continue to place ALL my trust and faith in God - that all is going to remain totally clear and that Deqlan will continue to be NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE FOREVER AND EVER and I am already thanking God for this result tommorow. Please say an extra little prayer for our Deqlan tonight, and please also pray that he does not get to upset and flustered tomorow so we can let the doctors do what they need to do quickly so we can come home and Deqlan can start eating the food he loves again! When we go for urine tests , we avoid certain foods round 48 hours prior as this can affect the outcome of the urine tests! Lots of Deqlans favorite things - banana's, yoghurt, chocolate, vanilla are the main ones we have to avoid. It helps me at least with not eating chocolate!

Look forward to giving you all great results tommorow - thanks for all your emails and messages and above all prayers for our gorgeous Deqlan

God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Birthday greetings, 12 is a big number.... Good luck with the scans we are all thinking of you


Anonymous said...

Hey guys

Good luck with the tests tomorrow. We will be thinking of you and waiting in anticipation for the results.

Love you guys loads

Don, Sam and Mia (and Liam x) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam Mark and Deqlan praying for you all.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart qnd lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight .
Love Ruth xxx

Charli Ann said...

I am excited to hear the GOOD news you are about to receive.
I have a hard time realizing that Charli is working her way to being two! Just think of where we all were a year ago, and how life has changed in that year. And...she is 1/2 way to being three now! OHHH!!
take care, God bless, and we are always thinking of you. BE STRONG.

Anonymous said...

Praying, praying, praying for clean scan results for your warrior!! I know all will be well...

We are always with you in prayer and hope!

Hugs from FREEZING, snowy Minnesota!

Hugs, hope, prayers and support,
Karen, Kate and the Jacobs crew