Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome Home Keaton

What a wonderful day! Keaton John Du Plessis arrived home with his very proud parents this afternoon!

What an absolute honor it was to meet my god son and nephew and hold him for the very first time! Nanna, Grandpa , Deqlan and I where fortunate enough to be able to go and meet the little guy and we all fell even more in love with him!

What a beautiful little soul he is - what a gift, Thank You Dear Lord for helping Keaton to get stronger each day and that he is now home safe and sound with his loving parents

It was the best feeling to hold such a tiny little baby again, cant believe Deqlan was so small only 16 months ago!

Keaton is tiny, but what a big spirit he has! He is to gorgeous , perfect little face, lots and lots of dark hair, eyes like his Daddys mouth like his Mommy! You just want to eat him up!

Deqlan was not to interested in the little guy, we dont think he quite realised that it was a tiny little human being and not a doll! As Conrad says, when Keaton starts crying and when he is awake Deqlan will soon be wanting to stroke and pat and poke and pull ha ha ha - he did try to rub his head , but we had to slow him down a little! Cant wait for them to play together, i just know they are going to be best of mates!

Congrats guys - you are the most fantastic, devoted, loving, caring parents I have ever seen and i know that nothing will ever harm a hair on your beautiful boys head - Conrad, I am so grateful to you for taking the most amazing care of Megs and Keaton - there is nothing that you wouldnt do for them - we knew that already by the way you looked after Megs and us, but even down to going clothes shopping and grocery shopping for Megs and Keaton - thank you from me, for taking such good care of my sister and nephew - you are truly one in a zillion. Megs, wow. i take my hat off to you to - I KNOW - how difficult it is to watch your son ICU and to have to stay over at the hospital , not being in your own space with your own things and all you want to do is bring little one home and have him in HIS clothes, in HIS bed, you did fantastically well and you never even moaned once about any pain or your discomfort - you truly now know what it is to feel a love so deep and true that you put yourself way back in the que - please also take care of yourself and let us take care of you to, rest and get your energy up and take it easy ! If there is anything we can do guys please just pick up the phone - we love you all so much and cant wait to see you soon again!

I must mention a story about Nanna - every Saturday evening we put our prayers that we have written on a piece of paper, into the prayer bowl which is placed on the altar. Nanna discovered that she put another piece of paper in instead of her prayers! We later figured out that it was Keatons feeding times that Nanna had written down, so as to know when Megs was busy in ICU and we wouldnt be able to visit or reach her. Isnt God amazing? Thats the exact thing that was needed to get Keaton home! To get his feeding into a routine and up to the volume he needed! God works in wonderful ways!

Have a lovely evening and hope to post some new photos of our family including the new addition very soon

God Bless and love
Mark,Samm, Deqlan


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!!!!! Welcome Keaton...I cannot wait to see your pictures. What a lucky lad you are!

I also wanted to scream HOORAY for the blessed news of NED. We have been traveling the past week and I haven't had a chance to email or post but was celebrating the news when I read it!

Hugs, blessings, hope, prayers and joy!
Karen and the Jacobs family

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, Samm and Deqlan,

What wonderful news to read that Deqlan is doing so well and most importantly that he is NED!

Congrats also on the new addition to the family, he is beautiful!

All our love,

Heidi, James and Hannah xxx

Claire Ferreira said...

Welcome home baby Keaton. May God bless you in abundance and may he guide your Mommy & Daddy in all they do to protect, love, comfort & care for you. You have been born into the most amazing and close family i have ever met. Enjoy all the love they are going to surround you with and most of all enjoy your Brave cousin, Deqlan. One day you will be old enough to understand how very brave Deqlan really is.

Megan & Conrad, enjoy your precious bundle of joy. Its the most amazing thing, to watch how a helpless little baby turns into this little personality each and every day. Enjoy!

Samm, enjoy being an aunty, i know that you and Mark will care for Keaton as if he were your very own.

God Bless & Keep you all safe!

Claire, Stephan & Hannah