Monday, January 7, 2008


Hello All

Just to let you know our bone marrow biopsy has been planned for Thursday, 10 Jan at 8am. We have to be at Unitas at 7 am, and we should hopefully we hope by lunch time. Should have the prelim results later that afternoon and the confirmed results within 3 or 4 days

Please pray all goes very very well and that we dont feel anxious - and that God lays his peace and calmness and comfort on us - please pray its not sore for Deqlan and for clear clear results

Tried to call our surgeon today but had to leave a message - shall let you all know as soon as we do! Please continue to pray these results show the tumor was completey dead

Was so happy to see Logan for a few hours on Saturday! We took her for a treat at milky lane - but she didnt want anything as she doesnt like ice cream! I then said she could choose 1 toy and there was such nice things to choose from - a lovely horse, a baby to bath, but Miss Logan Marcelle Higgins was determined to get a silver car - 'just like Meggies car' Shame! Her and Deqlan are going to play so nicely together with their cars! She was very heartsore when it was timeto say goodbye and all she wanted to do was to see Deqlan.We arranged to bring Logan home so she could see Deqlan through the window, and she seemed to be happy with that, but was heartsore again when we left to take her back....she has been the most amazing and understanding big sister ever and i can wait for her and Deqlan to play together again!

Have attached some of the pics from over new years, and during Aunty Sheila's visit! She retured home to Cape Town yesterday and we already miss her so very much! Thank you Aunty Shea for all the lovely gifts you all so lovingly created - I shall continue to think of you every time i look at them or Deqlan wearing his gorgeous dunagrees! You have so much talent , such a special gift The Lord has Blessed you with - and the amount of love and care you put into every detail is so clear - We continue to treasure all you do for us , and thank you for all the love and care you continue to shower down on us! We love and miss you - love to all the family in Cape Town

Deqlan has started something new today- shaking his head as if he is saying no! Its to cute!

Nanna has also gotten Deqlan back into a better routine today,two sleeps during the day , and hopefully by 9 tonight we will be in dream land as we ( Mark and I) only had a few hours sleep! Deqlan went to sleep at 430 in the afternoon and slept till 1am this morning - then it was play time! Oh dear,was so tired from the previous days he didnt sleep properly but things are back to normal today, thank you Nanna!

need to ask for more special prayers :
AN EXTRA SPECIAL PRAYER FOR My Mom and Deqlans Nanna, she has been having a bit of tummy ache over the last few weeks - we are waiting to set up an apointment with a doctor and a scan - please pray that Nannas tummy feels better and the pain eases completely and the doc can help solve the problem

JP in South Africa, a teen cancer patient, who is terminally ill and in a lot of pain

Yolandie, Our friend from CHOC - she is needing to have stronger chemo and longer doses as her cancer counts climb at the moment

Charli in the US as she has her port removed and check up on Friday

Kate in the Us she goes fo her scans end jan

Claires friend, Tania, as they do tests and scans to get to the bottom of the reason for her terrible headaches

Please also continue praying for Jillian and her family, Isaac and his family and all of the neuroblastoma and other cancers friends and families we have made along our own journey

God Bless and lots of love
mark, samm and our soldier Deqlan
MARK 9:23

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Claire Ferreira said...

Hi Guys,

WOW, i can't believe the difference in Deqlan. He is really looking great.

As always we will continue to pray for you all and send special prayers up for Thursday.

Take care & God Bless