Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lots of catching up to do!

Hello Deqlans Army!

Its been ages since i did a proper update - you wouldnt believe all that has gone on the last few days which has kept us very very busy and thus my first chance to update on a lot of things is now!

Where do I start? Lets see...the wedding...

We attended the wedding of Kobus and Bronwin on Saturday and it was really wonderful .
Bron looked beautiful and she looked so happy, was wonderful to meet Kobus who is besotted with Bron. They have the most beautiful son, Matthew , who reminds Mark and I so much of Deqlan - it was so strange - as he walked down the aisle ( he was the cutest ring bearer ever) both Mark and I looked at each other and said how he reminded us of Deqlan - his face, his hair, how he walked , everything! It was also so wonderful to catch up with Nix and Darryl, Loren and Leigh, Louise and Roelof ( we have a gorgeous little daughter, Jessica 2, and have just found out they are now having twins, congrats guys! ) and of course Bron & Kobus and her family. They are off to Mauritius on Honeymoon and had to kiss Matt goodbye as he went with his grandparents to Parys for the week - poor Bron was very heartsore and I to had tears in my eyes - so sad to say goodbye to the loves of our life- for 1 minute or 1 week ! Whilst we were at the wedding I got a phone call from Meggie......

' Hi Sammy, i am at the hospital , they have admitted me' WHAT! I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EARS! Meggie was admitted to Unitas saturday evening with sky high blood pressure and 3 clots visible on an ultra sound! We dont know if it was from the first problem or a new one . Megs was given medicine and watched with a careful eye over the weekend. The condition was classified as Secondary Post Partum Hemorrhage - this basically means a hemorrhage more then 48 hours after Keaton arrived . The doctor then decided to intervene surgically to solve the problem permanently. Megs blood pressure was again a problem during surgery and the doc wanted Meggie to spend another night in the hospital. Thank Our Lord, Megs started feeling better and all was on track, and she was discharged yesterday. Please pray for Meggies total healing from this problem and for her to continue enjoying being a Mommy at home!

It wasnt even 2 hours before we received another phone call from Meggie that one of the people at Conrads work was in an accident in Conrads new bakkie! The trailer with a clients ordered and manufactured kitchen units flipped, causing the car to overturn! The drivers are regarded lucky to be alive as the car is a write off.

Otherwise...all is going well!

Deqlan has grown by the day - he is really looking so well! Has put on weight, his hair is so beautiful and blond, he is FULL AND I MEAN FULL of energy - he keeps us all on our toes - we have to have eyes everywhere as he gets up to lots of tricks. He continues to make us laugh and we just love him more each second. He LOVES trying to get into the cupboards he is not allowed into and he just seems to love kitchen utensils more then his own toys! They fascinate him! He has even started taking the broom out the cupboard to sweep the floor! He is going to make his wife very happy some day! Deqlan has mastered the art of getting onto and off our very high bed and on and off our couches. He Loves bathing and gets very excited when i run the water , he already starts lifting his leg to try and jump in. Deqlan has a real fascination for Morning Live, our breakfast programme in South Africa and he particular enjoys the stock exchange and commodities - Dada and Deqlan watch every morning as Morafe presents the FTSE and Dow Jones. When Deqlan hears the music he stops what ever he is doing and runs to the tv to check on the indicators for the day. We have a real genius on our hands already - he probably understands a lot more then I do!

I chatted to our oncologist yesterday who has suggested we go for the blood and urine tests and an ultra sound round the 12th of Feb - this will be our first follow up since the op and bone marrow aspiration. Please continue to pray very hard for our soldier - that he never ever ever ever relapses and that he continues to grow stronger each day!

I have so many many friends that are have just found out they pregnant, have been for a few months, baby due round the corner, i just want to say congrats to you all and hope the rest of your pregnancies go extremely well! Wow - i cant wait to meet all the new little CLAIRES, ELRIZA'S, TANIAS,SAMS,CELESTES ,LORENS OF THE WORLD - Deqlan and Keaton are going to be blessed with so many wonderful friends!

A huge congrats to Philip and Tracey on the arrival of Rakel on 26 jan! She arrived exactly 5 years after her brother Lionel did ! Congrats guys, enjoy this special time and what another wonderful gift The Lord has Blessed you with! Hope to meet the little princess soon.

Well let me run for now, promise to post some new pics and promise to try and post more regularly . Please , please keep all of our friends from around the world in your prayers, we have to keep them going, always, I know Our Lord continues to listen and continues to heal and give us his miracles.

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Elriza said...

Hi Samm,

So glad everything seems to be back to normal there by you guys! And we're very glad to hear Megs is doing alright. The pictures are just adorable, I can already see those two boys causing a lot of havoc!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Wes & Elriza