Monday, January 21, 2008


Hi All

Just recieved the following update from Megs which I would love to share with you:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. I decided to do a quick general update for you all on our beautiful Keaton and to say Thank you for all the calls, sms's, facebook and email messages and that Im sorry I have not replied to most of them.

Basically, my placenta ruptured and I woke up on Wednesday morning at 02hoo bleeding, we got to unitas and after doing a lot of tests they thought I was in early labour but that all changed when my doctor did a scan at 06h00 and saw the rupture!
From there we went to theatre and I have an emergency c-section as my doctor felt that leaving Keaton in would be a great danger to his life and he thinks that Keaton would not have had a heart beat by Wednesday evening if he did not come out.

He was born at 10h01 weighing 2.510kgs and is 50cm long! As soon as they took him out I heard him cry which made me feel that all was okay and his Apgar score was 9/10 both times. He started a granting sound in recovery and they put him into an incubator for 1/2 as they thought he was cold, but the paed took him out and transferred him to Neo Natal ICU. The medical term for going to ICU was Resiportory Distress - they blew one steroid into him lungs through a machine which worked to open up his lungs - there is nothing wrong with his lungs they just needed to be opened - after that he was on oxygen and then he only had drips and a feeding tube. Yesterday all the drips were taken out. Today his feeding tube was taken out. He is not on any type of medication, oxygen or medical assistance in ICU, the only reason he is still there is to make sure he learns to feed enough at each feed, as some prem babies dont have the energy to drink for a long period of time.

He is gorgious and the light of my life - Conrad and I actually fight as to who will do the diaper change ect and we are so in love with our little guy..... I look at him and still cant believe that he is mine - a miracle sent from our God and that our God is watching over him very closely! I cant wait to take him home and be a mommy - wow NO ONE can prepare you for such love - such intense love............

Will let you know when we are home - hopefully soon! Enjoy the photo!

God Bless!


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Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little boy, CONGRATULATIONS to you all on the arrival of such a special little guy!!

Please keep us posted and enjoy every single moment with Keaton:-)

Coreen and Grant