Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The answer to that is just great !

He is growing by the day and looking so healthy and well! Deqlans hair also continues to grow and get more beautiful each day - im even brushing it now!

Deqlan is getting cuter each day and more clever! Deqlan LOVES helping load and unpack the dishwasher but his favorite part is opening and closing to the door - which he does ALL BY HIMSELF NOW! The other firm favorite is helping me load and unload the washing machine - but i got to watch Deqlan as he loves pushing the buttons, that say RINSE PLUS, RINSE HOLD - so when i got to the machine to take the washing out, a stream of water came running out! so guess who had pressed the button for rinse hold!

We have the best time ever playing hide and seek - i say 'OK BYE' and Deqlan bursts out laughing and starts running away - it take him 10 - 20 seconds to give me enough time to hide , and then he turns around laughing even more , and starts to look for me - he knows my hiding places though so finds me quite easily , so ill have to come up with some new ones ! ha ha ha

He also LOVES when Dada whistles - this is a guaranteed laugh for our soldier..even Mark just pulling his lips in preparation to whistle sends Deqlan into bounds of laughter, the type that comes from your tummy, a real hearty laugh

I Forgot to mention that on Sunday , grandparents where allowed in for 10 minutes in Neo Natal ICU to see Keaton - so Sophie and Nanna got to see Keaton and where both smiles from ear to ear! I got to see the beautiful boy through the glass door - wasnt allowed to go in, but at least got to see Keaton close up for the first time - HE IS TO BEAUTIFUL, and call me crazy but i can definitely see Deqlan in him - i think its the mouth- i told Conrad, Keatons VERY PROUD Dad, but he says KEATON LOOKS LIKE KEATON! HA HA HA HA

We are patiently awaiting the great news that Keaton is coming home! The doctors and nurses are all very very impressed and thrilled with his progress so we trust it will be soon! Promise to keep you up to date!

I spoke to Doctor De Jager yesterday and he to had recieved the great news that Deqlans bone marrow was clear ! He has asked us to arrange for urine tests and then two weeks from the day we do the urine tests, we will arrange a check up wtih him to discuss the results and the game plan moving forward.

Please continue to pray hard for our little soldier ,that he has recieved his total and permanent healing

God Bless and let us know how you all are

All our love

Mark, Samm, Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Dear Sam Mark and Deqlan
Praise God that He has healed Deqlan.
I feel this scripture is for you For I know the plans I have for you ,plans to give you a hope and a future .Jeremiam 29verse 11.
Love from Ruth xxx

Will's Dad said...

I am hopeful that Deqlan's cousin is home safe and healthy very soon.