Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What a day....we came home to the dogs barking and when Mark went downstairs to investigate , i recieved the following phone call ' THERE IS A COBRA IN THE GARDEN' - 'WHAT?' i said, thinking i must be hearing things ... sure enough i popped my head out the window and found Mark standing dead still in the garden looking towards some leaves

I immediately told Mark to stand back and get as far away from it as he could, but he said he wanted to watch it and make sure it didnt go anywhere else. I panicked, there where some tears and fears, but i pulled myself together and called the vet - they gave me a number for 'someone who can help with this sort of thing' called Henki , from the conservation corporation.

Henki was a little reluctant to come out and said if we saw the snake again we should call him, I explained very nicely to him ,that the snake hadnt gone anywhere and was still in Marks sight . I eventually twisted his arm to come and take it away - he stays approx 40 minutes away from us - well , he got here in 20 ! I told him we thought it was a cobra, and from what i explained he agreed and proceeded to tell me they are very poisonous. Great...more panic, more shouting to Mark to get inside - but Henki asked that he kept on eye on the snake as it would be very difficult to track him down in our large garden should he move.

Thank Your Lord for Henki - what a stunning guy who knew exactly what he was doing !

He put his protective glasses on and within seconds had picked the snake up - Mark and our land lord, werner, immediately stepped back a step or two. So did I, even though I was safe and sound up stairs with Deqlan, who was none the wiser to all the comotion.

Henki gave Mark and Werner some details on the snake, 'she' is round 6 years old, just over a metre long, although 'she' looked much much longer to me. These cobras only come out 2 or 3 weeks of the year to mate and eat , and 'she' has had a mouse or rat for breakfast or supper the night before , and tummy was so full it couldnt move and was just waiting for a bit of digestion to occur, in the spot 'she' decided on in our garden, of all places!

'she' was very reluctant to get into Henki's bag and eventually he decide to pick her up by her head! Well, i never, i thought my nerves had taken enough for the day, but this just pushed them into over drive. It was one last look at her and into the bag she went. Thank you Lord no harm was done, thank you it did not come upstairs and most importantly Thank You Lord Mark is ok !

Mark is the most excellent photographer ! Very calm and cool under pressure! Enjoy the shots - although 'she ' is exquisite and so beautiful - snakes are my number 1 fear , after spiders, very closely behind.

Enough excitement for 1 day thanks - lots more to follow tommorow - hoping to get bone marrow results as well as tummy bug results tommorow - please pray very hard for clear clear clear bone marrow!

Have also posted some new ones of Deqlan that I couldnt resist!


God Bless and all our Love

Mark a.k.a THE CROCODILE HUNTER, Samm & Deqlan

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Anonymous said...

oh my word thats hectic just had to show everyone in the office now cause the night before i was telling all of them a snake was chasing me in my dream how weird, im petrified of snakes you can thank your lucky stars again : ) Love Lisa