Monday, January 14, 2008

A trip to the Doctor!

Hello All

Hope you had a great weekend! Not sure if i mentioned it but Deqlan has been teething, the last 4 back teeth, and has had terrible nappies to go along with it!

This started on Thursday after the biopsy, but over the weekend seemed to get a little worse and didnt look very pleasant at all

So today, we went to visit our new paediatrician- this is the one the oncologist at Unitas recommended. She is wonderful, Deqlan very at ease with her and her office looks like an enchanted forest - we felt very comfortable with her. They even arranged a seperate room for us to wait in so we didnt have to sit with the other kids and chances of them having something Deqlan could catch

Dr Engelbrecht says she thinks its a virus in Deqlans colon - we sent a sample away and hope to get the results by Wednesday - this will determine if Deqlan needs an antibiotic or not - we just need to keep an eye on him and make sure he has lots of wet nappies and stays hydrated and no fevers.

While i was trying to listen to Doctor about a lot of other questions i had - Nanna and Meggy were trying to entertain our Deqlan - he was in fits of laughter and I couldnt manage to keep a straight face whilst trying to concentrate and had to apologise went i burst out laughing - Deqlan is so dam cute - he is cuter and gets more clever every day - he has figured, well Dad has tought him how to get on and off the couch all by himself. He also loves closing doors and cupboards after we have opened them.

We are still waiting on final results of bone marrow biopsy and should hear by Thursday - i am going to call on Wednesday thoughto check if they are out ! I will then contact Dr Dejager, our oncologist to schedule follow up and first follow up scan . Please continue to pray for Deqlan, for his total and permanent healing and for fantastic results confirming Deqlan to be NED

Well today marks 3 weeks till Meggy has Keaton - I CANT BELIEVE ITS ONLY 3 WEEKS TO GO - we walked past the maternity ward and the theatre where Megs will have her caesar and we all got very excited - she had a little bit of a scare with high blood pressure at her last check up but Nanna has kept a close eye on it, checking it every day and it has seemed to come down back to normal. Megs is tired and wanting they day to arrive - she said she is ready, bring it on!

We are waiting for Nanna to go for a colonoscopy to check further into what is causing her stomach pains- she had a scan done on Friday but nothing was picked up - we are hoping to have the procedure booked asap to get Nanna feeling much better again - please pray very hard for great results.

As always, thanks for checking in on us and dont forget to check in on Deqlans friends, links to the right and please continue to pray for our special friends and their families to


God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hi Samm,

I really hope Deqlan hasnt caught anything seious and that he feels better soon!
Waiting to hear about the test results, we are praying for his "permanent healing"

Thinking of you guys and all you are going thru


Anonymous said...

Hey Samm,

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and the Family... May 2008 be a fantastic year for you all, you so deserve it !

Definitely praying for the News on Thursday !! I just know it is going to be great and your beautiful boy is going to start a new chapter in his life with his amazing family and his new cousin... And not to forget little friends who are waiting to come and play :)

Stay strong and look after yourselves !!

Always in our Prayers
T, Robert & Reece xxx