Friday, January 4, 2008

The countdown has begun!

Hello All

Strange saying 2008 still getting used to it!

This time, in exactly 1 month, Keaton John Du Plessis will have arrived in our world! I cant wait Megs and Conrad to hold your beautiful baby boy in my arms and to tell him what amazing parents you are and how much he is already loved! I cant wait for Deqlan to meet him either - I CANT WAIT TO SEE DEQLANS FACE AND I JUST KNOW HE IS GOING TO LOVE KEATON MORE THEN ANYTHING!

All is great and well on this side ! Its been very very very hot the last few days so we welcomed some fantastic rain last night and today !

Aunty Sheila leaves on Sunday to go back to Cape Town and i cant believe how quickly the time has gone. She has loved watching Deqlan run around and get up to his tricks.

Deqlan has had us in stitches of laughter!

There is such a cute programme on BBC Prime called Little robots and he bursts into laughter when the music starts! I think i figured out that its a little bat that comes onto the screen and says BOO ! that Deqlan Loves so much.

Deqlan has also started doing handstands, well trying to , but loves looking at the world, upside down through his legs - will try get a photo to post !

Mark went back to work this week and we have missed him terribly during the days! Dada and Deqlan were inseperable during the holidays - I even felt left out at times, they miss each other terribly during the days. Huge smiles all round when Dad arrives home and then Deqlan is Dads shadow!

I go back to work on Monday, and although i am SO FORTUNATE BEYOND DESCRIPTION, to have my Mom looking after Deqlan while i work, and able to hear his giggles and MAMA'S i will miss not spending every second of the day playing!

I am going to call the surgeon and oncologist on Monday to enquire on the results of the tumor resection. Im sure by Monday everyone will be back to work and there must be some sort of feedback on the results by now. I will then call the hospital that is going to be doing the bone marrow and arrange for that to be done asap

Logan is also in town and staying with Tyler , marks younger brother and Gaynor and having a great time. We are really going to try our utmost to see her tommorow - she came past the other night to collect some keys with Tyler, and asked to see us and Mark had to explain that Deqlans soldier still not strong enough to deal with other kiddies possible germs. She was happy though to see our doggies again that she so loves!

Hope you all have a great weekend and let us know how you are and how 2008 has started off for you!

Please continue to pray for our beauitful soldier Deqlan - for his total and permanent healing and for Deqlan to continue doing so well!

Please also pray for all our friends fighting neuroblastoma and other cancers. We ask for special prayers for Sadie, Isaac , Williams family

God Bless and all our love
Mark , Samm and Deqlan


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Anonymous said...

You sound so happy and excited in your message today that I feel that the year 2008 HAS to be a great year for you and your family.
Deqlan sounds like he is dong so good and having fun ( & entertaining everyone). That is wonderful. I will continue to pray for him and keep checking in on him also.
Charli Anns' Grandma Borg