Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, the 20th of September 2007

Hi All
Thanks so much for your stunning messages for us to get well!
I think im on the mend - i pray i am - i still sound terrible but feeling a lot better today.
Deqlan slept over at Nana on Tuesday again as i still was not well and contagious - Mark and I came to have supper at Nanna & Grandpa so that we could be with Deqlan until he fell asleep
He came home last night, was wonderful to have the 'noise' back in the house ! I still wear a mask around him as i am still coughing at times so just to be sure, ill wear it for another day or two.
Deqlan seems to be fine, he sounds a little cloged up and has a runny nose at times, a slight cough - but nothing like it used to be , its much better so i think he is also on the mend please God. His bottom molars are completely out now so i dont think they are going to give any more hassle - the top ones still have a way to go - i can see the 'shell' is out but the middle bits still in the gum -shame they huge and must be so painful for my little soldier
It seems like a bot more of Deqlans hair has fallen out - or more thinning out but his eye lashes are still growing a little each day

Please continue to pray that Deqlans flu passes quickly and that i am completely 'fluless' so that we can go ahead with our last hospital round on tuesday and not re infect each other

Just heard from Megs, Conrad and her will be coming home 1 day earlier - Megs hasnt felt well at all the last two days she seems to have eaten something and has been very sick since - so we expect them back round 1900 tonight, shame hope you feel better soon my Meggie.

Its Nannas Birthday on Saturday 22 Sep so we look very forward to celebrating with her and hope to post some pics next week.

Mark is off to Sun City to pLay golf on Sunday and Monday so we will be catching up on some much needed sleep and visiting with Meggie and Nanna and of course, packing for our last hospital stay for the 8th round of chemo, please Dear Lord. After this we only have 3 day visits left for vincristine, this takes round 10 or 15 minutes to flow in and if i work the dates out correctly we shoUld be done by 28 October - we then need to do another MIBG scan to check on cancer cell activity , we pray Dear Lord that nothing lights up on this scan, and then a ct scan to check on the size, position etc of the tumor so we can discuss the surgery with the surgeon in detail.

Hope you are all well , please stay in touch and let me know how you are?

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support our loyal army !

Please continue to pray for all our friends that are battling NB and other paediatric cancers - please pray for more funding to become available for research and for a cure for this disease.

Everything is possible to those who BELIEVE
MARK 9; 23


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