Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am so proud of you today by boy - you even look older to me - like a big boy now ! Overnight you have changed from the most beautiful tiny baby that was placed in my arms a year ago to the most gorgeous 1 year old. I remember the exact second you were placed in my arms, the music that was playing, even the sound of your first cry , the look in your Dada's eyes the first time he held you - you sneezed and we both laughed saying you already took after your Dad that sneezes in bright light! You changed our worlds in an instant - you made things more meaningful , the sun shone brighter, the world was definitely a happier and more brilliant place to be in. I thanked Our Lord for choosing us to be your parents and we promised to love and treasure you each second of each day of each year. You have grown into the most amazing soul - your laughter brings us to laughter without fail, your smile melts our hearts and when you hug and kiss us - thats THE BEST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD- NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO THAT! You have tought us so much - to be brave and strong and true and that the true meaning of happiness is in our family and that love and the love of Our Lord can get us through anything - you are our hero , our inspiration , our motivation, our beautiful Deqlan Ross Higgins and we love you more then what we could ever ever explain in words. We promise to always guide and protect you and show you the path The Lord has set out for you - we promise to always love and treasure you and to teach you all the good and important things we have learnt about life. You are loved by SO MANY and you have already changed SO MANY peoples lives for the better.I Know our Lord has such an amazing plan for you - and a plan that ONLY YOU can carry out. You are such a special boy - we knew that you where no ordinary boy right from the start - we knew there was something extraordinary about you Our Darling Deqlan. Always, always know how much we love you and that we will ALWAYS ALWAYS be here for you. I know Our Lord is going to continue healing you totally and permanently and we look so forward to many many many more Happy Birthdays together. You are our inspiration. We love you so very very much, all our love and God Bless You Our Darling Deqlan
Dada and Mama
We had a FANTASTIC DAY! Deqlan was awake at 3am this morning - he mustve known it was his Birthday and was probably to excited to sleep - we eventually got him back to sleep and he awoke at 7 this morn. He was greeted by a Birthday cake and candle surrounded by presents, balloons and streamers! Deqlan was definitely more interested in his Tigger bowl and emptied his cake out onto the carpet so he could see his Tigger! We then had a lovely breakfast of French toast that Mark prepared and Deqlan loved every bite!
Great Grandpa, Nana & Grandpa and Meggie all popped in again today to wish the Birthday Boy! More Happy Birthdays where sung and more cake was eaten! Deqlan had a great day playing with all his new toys and watching all his dvds. We even got him to eat an entire serving of food by sitting in his tricyle watching his dvds - we are so impressed he is eating so much better. Deqlan stood by himself for a few seconds today and is definitely getting braver in the steps he is taking so we definitely think that walking is around the corner.
Thank you SO MUCH to all of you for the most amazing sms's, phone calls, emails , posts and prayers to Deqlan on his big day - we are truly Blessed to have the amazing family and friends we do - thank you all - you made Deqlans day so very special and im sure if he could thank you each personally he would! We even got a phone call from Dr De Jager, Deqlans oncologist , to wish him - what an AMAZING man this is it really touched my heart.
So, back to the business of fighting this NB war - round 7 kicks off tomorow morning at 9 - only 1 night stay, should be able to leave on Thursday round 1600. Please continue to pray that the chemo does its job, that Deqlan has no side effects and that we can keep him comfortable and entertained while in the ward. Please continue to pray for his total and complete healing and that Our Lord continues to work his miracale through Dr De Jagers hands. Please also continue to pray for all Our Friends that are sick and need Our Lords healing, comfort and strength.
Have a great day and promise to give an update as soon as i am able to and in the ward
Sacred heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee all for Thee Oh Lord, oh My Jesus all for Thee
God Bless and all our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

hi guys

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY DEQLAN, so glad you had a wonderful day and got spoilt rotten!!!!!

we will be praying that all goes well tomorrow and that you don't feel to yukkie afterwards

lots of love
Jelenka, Neil & Gianna

Anonymous said...

I will pray for Deqlan as he gets another round of Chemo. We must pray for miracles.
Happy Birthday to him also!!

Charli Anns' G-ma B

Lisa said...

Good luck for the round today sure everything will go well : ) Love Dale and Lisa xx

Anonymous said...


Thinking and praying for you ALL today! I know everything is going to go well! So glad to hear you had a fantastic day and you were spoilt rotten!

Lots of love
Bron & Matt