Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday the 14th of Sep

Hello All
Just a quick update to let you know Deqlan doing very well - his appetite still very good, his got great colour and lots and lots of energy - he wants to sit less and less and wants to walk more and more
He is thrilled to be at home crawling and walking and no one restricting him - its even a challenge to change Deqlans nappy - you got to be very very quick ! Its way to long to lie on his back to change him
Deqlans eye lashes seem to be growing back - he had the longest darkest gorgeous eye lashes i have ever seen - most of them fell out , but seem to becoming back - hardly any of this hair fell out ( touch wood) only a patch at the back of his head and the rest thinned quite a lot - its the most beautiful strawberry blond colour and with his green eyes... he melts our hearts - he is such a beautiful GIFT FROM GOD
We getting ready to watch the world cup rugby match tonight between south africa and london - go bokke !
Our friend Rene became an Aunt today to Cuan - congrats to Brett and Belinda and to your folks and to you my friend - may he bring you all lots of love and joy!
I have added a few more links on our site feel free to check them out
September is paediatric cancer awareness month in the USA and a lot is been done to raise more awareness in aid of more funds to find a cure for this beast - so please spread the word - the more awareness we can create the more chances of doors opening and cures being discovered! check out an amazing story of 5 dads travelling across America to raise money for their kids
Have a Blessed Weekend, please continue to pray for our gorgeous warrior and please continue to pray for our friends battling this and other cancers - Keira, Kate, Charli, both Connors, Ruan, Koketso, Miluska, Yolanda, Ilse, JP, Benny, Keagan, Nthabiseng , Henco, Jayden, Charlise,Precious,James, Eric, Raymond - and all the other soldiers and their families fighting this disease
Sacred Heart of Jesus we place our trust in Thee all for Thee Oh Lord, Oh My Jesus all for Thee
All our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Mark, Samm & Deqlan,
We'd like to say a belated but hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Deqlan! We haven't posted in awhile but you remain in our daily thoughts and prayers and we check your blog often hoping for new pictures of your handsome young man!! We are so happy to hear that he is hard to keep up with and feeling good...we are hoping and praying that everything continues to go in the right direction. We send huge hugs to all of you.
Prayers & Support Always,
Matt, Karen, Ryan and Kate Jacobs

Elriza said...

Deqlan really is an incredibly beautiful boy! I'm sooo glad the chemo is going well! Will keep on praying from our side.

Wes & Elriza

Anonymous said...

Dearest Deqlan, Samm and Mark,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the birthday celebrations and looking at all the colourful, happy pictures! What a blessing to you and your family - creating special memories that will be cherished forever. I'm sure when Deqlan is older his 1st year photo album will be one of his favourite "books" to look at! It is also so encouraging to hear how he is getting stronger and stronger as he gets to the end of his chemo treatments - I just sense that little body fighting back in such a BIG way. Hallelujah and thanks to our Lord for this amazing healing. Deqlan I can't wait to meet you one day soon and introduce you to Jordan and Dylan, who pray for you every night at bedtime.

God bless and take great care! (Im sure we will hear news of Deqlan walking around all over, anyday now!!
Tons of love and hugs,
Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that this little tike is not letting you change his nappies, is a sign that the man is well, and on the MOVE!!
I am so very thrilled and thankful for all of you, that Deqlan's recovery is HAPPENING and that the chemo is soon to be something of the past. BLESS YOU ALL, and enjoy being a family at home.