Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deqlan stood!

Had to quickly let you know that Deqlan stood all by himself for the first time tonight - was so wonderful to see - when I least expected it - i was chatting to Dee and turned to see what our monkey was doing and what do you know he was standing all by himself! Im so proud of him ! He is such a big boy now cant believe how quickly he has grown
Sleep tight
Love a very proud Mama Samm


Anonymous said...


Mark and Samm, you are going to have to have eyeballs in the back of your head now.
So happy to hear you guys are on the mend! Megs I hope you feel better soon. Happy Birthday Aunty Bev for Sat, hope you have a blessed birthday and year ahead! Look forward to seeing the pics.
We continue to pray for Deqlans full recovery each and every day.
Have a fantastic long weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh cutie pie, cant believe he will be walking soon!! Hope you have the camera on stand by for the big moment.

Hope you all get better real soon