Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Round 7

We had an early start this morning and had to be at Dr De Jagers rooms by 9am - Deqlan hardly made a peep whilst Doctor cleaned the area and inserted the porto cath needle - what he didnt like was being held down so that he couldnt pull the needle out! Everyone comented on how he has grown and how well he is looking! Deqlans blood work was great, his platelets up to 340 000, his Hb now 11 so all was well to go ahead with the 7th round

We have had our hands full today trying to keep our little soldier entertained u
as he is so much more active these days and wants to bounce and dance and crawl and walk all at the same time! Nanna was an absolute Blessing today, as she always is, she entertained our Deqlan while I tried to work.Nanna has the most amazing bag of tricks with new and never ending, entertaining toys and gadgets to keep Deqlan busy - we call it her Mary Poppins bag

We missed Meggie today so very much- her and Conrad have gone on holiday to the Eastern and Western Cape for 10 days - its their last holiday before their little nemo arrives so i think they are going to do a lot of relaxing and catching up on me time

We will be able to go home round 1700 or so tommorow afternoon, with another round under Deqlans belt - hooray! The next time is our last hospital stay and im so excited that the end of the treatment plan is finally within sight and reach. Our last hospital stay will be 25 - 27 Sep - then another 3 day visits before the exciting

Deqlan is currently getting vincristine, etoposide, chlorophosphomide and rehydration - he is an absolute star and tolerating it very very well! His appetite is still great today and he now weighs 10kilograms - im so thrilled at this ! Finally seems to be picking up weight again

We got some great news today on our friend Charlise ( she had her primary tumor removed 2 weeks ago) the cells of what remains of the NB are mature and therefor no need for any further chemo or radiation at this stage - what fantastic news and Praise Our Lord, all Glory to Him!

Thank you for your continued messages, posts,emails , sms and calls - we really appreciate you ARMY - fighting together with Deqlan!

Please stay in touch, God Bless and sleep tight

Thank you Lord for getting us through this 7th round and we pray that you continue to heal Our Deqlan totally and permanently - we place all our trust in Thee

All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Anonymous said...

Hi Samm, Mark & Deqlan,

Hooray and all praise to our Heavenly Father who is working such miracles in your lives.

I am so happy with all the great news. Deqlan is such a little fighter. God has big things in mind for little Deqlan's life. I can't help but cry tears of joy reading your blog. I feel this overwhelming joy and pride for your family.

Samm, once again, what an inspiration you are to me. The most courageous, trustful and patient mother. I truly look up to you. Thank you for being such a great role model.

Deqlan, you are such a brave little soul. How amazing you are fighting this disease. God is holding your hand every step of the way. A few more steps and victory is in reach. We can't wait.

God bless you all. Hugs & kisses to Deqlan and lots of love to you all.

Claire, Stephan & Hannah