Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Birthday Celebrations begin!

Much excitement was in the air when we recieved a packge from Canada on Friday morning! It was for our special boy Deqlans 1st Birthday from Debbie & Jeff, Darren & Jared, Aunty Elaine, Tracey & Andrew, Damian and Chenya - all of our family in Toronto! Deqlan was fascinated with the box and immediately crawled over to check it out!
We had loads of fun opening each gift and lots of oohhss and awws where heard! Deqlans favourite thing was the gorgeous Tigger bowl - he played with it for 20 minutes! We also recieved the most gorgeous frogs - as you know we have been collecting lots of these little creatures from everyone as gifts - FROG -FOREVER RELIANT ON GOD! So each one is so very special to us. We also recieved the cutest Pooh bear 'poof' that Deqlan ( and Mama) can lie on and watch TV - along with Pooh came Eeyore! Deqlan LOVES Eeyore and i had searched a lot of shops to find one for him - but this one was perfect - its like you read my mind! The presents kept coming - the cutest frogs and dolphins for the bath which he also LOVES. We also opened a case full of shapes and each one you hit in makes a noise - of course this fascinates Deqlan and he played with it the whole of Friday afternoon! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO YOU ALL FOR THE MOST GORGEOUS PRESENTS - I KNOW YOU ALL PUT SO MUCH THOUGHT INTO THEM AND IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY THAT YOU WENT TO SO MUCH EFFORT TO GET THE GIFTS AND SEND THEM OVER IN TIME FOR DEQLANS 1ST BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE SO VERY SPECIAL TO US, WE MISS YOU AND WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, SUPPORT AND PRAYERS - SENDING ALL OF OUR THANKS AND ALL OF OUR LOVE TO YOU ALL, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND ENJOY THE PHOTOS

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