Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Its a.....

Its a ....BOY!!!! Yahoo! Meggie and Conrad are going to be proud parents to a boy! We are so very excited ! A friend for Deqlan! Cant wait! Congrats guys, boys are so wonderful! They keep you on your toes !!!!
Happy Birthday to our friend from Antenatal classes, Siya for 1 Sep and Happy Birthday to our friend from postnatal classes, Luke , for today 5 Sep! You are both very special boys!
A quick note to let you know that Charlise is doing well , we still havent recieved final update, but she is up and about and playing and should go home tommorow - the Dad seems to understand that she will need radiation after this so perhaps they couldnt get everything out or its to be extra cautious - please continue to pray for her speedy recovery.
Attached are some photos from the Kalefong kids Birthday parties - as you can see they where in their elements with the balloons and bubbles we sent - amazing how something so small can mean the world to these kids. The happiness on their little faces in priceless -we are so excited to continue doing this and bringing joy and laughter into these kids lives!
Deqlan has been unusually niggly today - when i opened his mouth to try and feel if it was more teeth coming, to my amazement i found 4 teeth popping through the gums!!!! my poor little monkey no wonder he is not eating ( also due to chemo though) and no wonder he is moaning and groaning today! To top it all off its two molars, i hear the further towards the back you go the more pain for the little one - shame, i really hope the discomfort will settle soon
I have had a VERY BUSY day travel wise and have to run my dear family and friends to finish off for the day so I can go home and continue the Noddy plans for our party on Saturday!
Please continue to pray for our beautiful boy to be totally and permanently healed! Please continue to pray for all of our friends battling neuroblastoma and other cancers - we need all the prayers we can get!Our Lord hears each and every single one!
MARK 9 ;23
All our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Hope you are all well today and that Deqlan is feeling a little better today.
I came across this poem for you guys.

My Guardian Angel
I have a little Guardian Angel
it sits upon the shelf up high
it watches over and protects me
and wipes the teardrops from my eye.

I can feel the warmness from her smile
her gentle and caring ways
protecting me from life's troubles
and helping me walk through life each day.

Her hand guides me on life's path
her heart showers me with love
she gives of herself so freely
guided only from the Lord above.

They say some people are truly angels
walking beside us each and every day
Watching, caring and loving us
and giving us strength in every way.

I know of a special angel
that walks thru life by my side
she's caring, special and loving
and has a heart of gold inside.

I know all of my life she's been watching
and guiding me carefully through
I know deep inside my heart
that my Guardian Angel is you.

Have a fab day

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

Apologies for being so quiet, but it is September again and I am working 12 hour days. Through my days at work, I am constantly thinking of Deqlan. I am really missing all of you and love the photo's you have posted on the site. Deqlan looks great, and you and Mark look amazingly well and SO HAPPY!!!!! You continue to amaze me with your positive attitudes and your unwavering faith. Whenever I read the site, I take a step back and put life into perpective again.
'The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor.'
God bless all of you!
Love you madly.
Sam xxx