Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Round 8 has begun

Hi All

Thanks again to you all for your extra prayers and support today they worked!Deqlans counts where good enough for us to go ahead with round 8. They are still on the low side, but still great to go ahead!

We have had vincristine, 3 hours pre hydration, currently on 24 hours cisplatin and then 24 hours post hydration.All going great except Deqlan trying to pull the needle out again - its defintiely because of the plaster that he is so allergic to - we even tried another plaster that the adults use that have allergies and he is still red and itchy - shame - only 2 more days my brave boy!

Deqlan was so brave while the needle was being inserted - he didnt even cry this time- what an amazing soldier he is!

The game plan is to come back on 5 October, 15 Oct an 25 Oct to have vincristine which only takes a few minutes to run in. Then we will have a mibg scan and ct scan round 6 and 7 Nov - then depending on those results we shall hear the plan from there on....please continue to pray for Deqlans total and permanent healing and for him to continue doing so well. Please also pray for all our friends fighting NB and all other cancers .

Sleep tight , hope to give lots more info tommorow as well as details of Nannas great Birthday weekend, but its time to go to bed and try and get some rest for tommorow!

Sacred Heart of Jesus we place Our trust in Thee all for Thee Oh Lord Oh My Jesus All for Thee

Lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan

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Anonymous said...

~ The promise of a new day
doesnt begin with the sunrise...
But with all the hopes & dreams
you hold inside! ~

We are so glad to read that you, little guy, are doing so great!! Also you are so lucky in the sense that you have awesome parents, family and friends!!

We still have our fingers crossed that things will continue to go well and you guys are still in our prayers!!


Grant and Coreen