Friday, February 5, 2010

yes, i hit the dentist

Deqlan playing on Dada's blackberry!
Nanna and Keaton

Peek a book! Deqlan and Keaton playing on the steps!

Swim time with the boys!
Beep beep! Driving in Keatons car
Look Ice! I made this with my mamma!

Gorgeous surfer boys!

Deqlan LOVES the jacuzzi more and more each day
Keaton, what a gorgeous face!
Keaton helping Nanna with her make up

im not kidding - i have told my friends and family about the annoying pain i have been experiencing in a tooth that has been worked on several times...i thought i could live with the pain, but it just was getting out of hand, couldn't even brush that tooth and flossing sent me through the roof.

what did the dentist do? she flossed - i hit on the head wasn't on purpose, it was just so sore , it was a reflex i couldn't control! I apologised a hundred times , i think she was used to this sort of thing happening ...i think she started taking me seriously and decided to give me two injections to numb my mouth, before proceeding to remove the crown on that tooth and remove the nerve , completely. relief....

now i walk around with half a tooth, luckily its at the back of my mouth and the best part is , no more pain!!!! i can eat on that side again, i can actually close my mouth and let my teeth touch again.

i go back for another 1 and a half hour session on 19 Feb and then again to have the permanent crown fitted 1 march...i cant wait......hope my reflexes are a little more in control on these days, or the dentist will know now to duck out the way when working with me as a patient!

our gorgeous Deqlan continues to amaze us each day.... we give a mom and her son a lift home from Little Leaps each day. When we stopped at the complex yesterday, Deqlan took his little finger and started pointing at the letters of the complex, then saying them C-O-C-O D-A-L-E-S - WE ARE THRILLED! Its not just specific words his trying to spell, he is trying to spell all of them! We have noticed that the words are better if they are in black and background is white- they really stand out better to Deqlan this way. He also came to us last night saying F-O-X and when we started looking for where this word came from we discovered it was from is DVD's - Fox the movie company!

Loren has been so kind as to lend me a fantastic programme that Kai uses, called LOVE AND LEARNING
"Our technique and materials (DVDs, audio tapes, books and computer programs) help Infants and Toddlers with Language and Reading development. We originally developed these materials for our daughter with special needs. Maria exceeded our expectations by being able to speak, read and understand 250 words at 3 years of age and over 1,000 words at 5 years of age. We offer an easily do-able, loving manner of teaching that values the individuality of each child and helps nurture self-esteem."

We cant wait to start! They way its presented , shows the alphabet for example, as Deqlan knows it, but also phonetically and also with the correct emphasis in the correct places! Pictures are also shown as well as real life images. We think Deqlan will thoroughly enjoy this and be able to have a great understanding of how to say the words he is spelling! Thanks so much Loren and Kai , we cant wait to get stuck in, we will let you know how it goes!

It was wonderful to see Loren on Friday morning and to get to meet her new little guy, Harlan – he is to beautiful for words , you need to go and check the photos out on Kai’s blogspot, link to the right of our page- Kai was sleeping so didn’t get to see him this time, but i hear he is now settling well into brotherhood! Enjoy Harlan guys, he is gorgeous, look forward to spending more time with him and watching all the boys in action together

Deqlans recognition of colours is also getting stronger each day – this morning Deqlan came to me to show me once of his cedarmont kids dvd covers – on the inside of the cover, it shows the different cds on offer , each with a different colour background . Out came Deqlans little finger as he started to proudly say ‘BLUE, GREEN , YELLOW, PINK, ORANGE,RED, PURPLE’ALL the right colours, ALL in the right order – wow, we are astounded at how much and how quickly Deqlan is learning things every single day

Deqlan continues to do very well at his occupational and speech therapy sessions – both therapists say Deqlan co operates very nicely with most activities , and he loves the books and car exercises in speech therapy, and prefers to sit on Danita’s lap while doing them...told you he was a ladies man! Anneke is working on Deqlan using his own muscles to balance and he is tolerating swinging in the spandex hammock a lot better then what he used to.

Deqlas also had his very first swimming lesson this week! Hooray , the weather held for the day!Apparently he loved every moment! I am hoping to go and try and let the swimming teacher let me sit in on a lesson, somewhere where i cant be seen, but can enjoy Deqlan the dolphin in action!

On Thursday, was the first of the boys Birthdays. Deqlan is the only boy on the gluten casein sugar soya and yeast free diet, so i packed his own little party bag for him, with his allowed , safe foods, hoping he would also feel special and included in the celebrations. When the birthday cake came out , he wanted it ‘CAKE.CAKE’ unfortunately Danita had to take Deqlan for his speech session right there and then to take him out the situation...shame, its times like this that i really feel bad that Deqlan doesnt get to enjoy these treats- but it think back to how he was before the diet, when he was eating these things, and i quickly get back on track-thats just no good for him – i am still searching for the perfect cupcake/cake recipe that Deqlan is allowed and that actually tastes good and looks good to! Any ideas?

We are having a face off with candida again – Deqlans nappies atrocious at times , he is hitting himself in the face at times, and wanting to lye on his back and kick everything from doors to oven doors to glad tables. From morning to night. He is also a lot more frustrated at times. Eating not so great, but we know and trust it will all get better again , we are currently on our second weekend of Diflucan, please do the trick!

Keaton continues to get more gorgeous by the day- he continues to call me “ice’, something i treasure and love to hear and hope will never change, another thing that makes our special bond just ours. He is starting to say 2 and 3 word sentences and his comprehension is fantastic – he understands so many instructions. Everything is MINE at the moment. MY NANNA, MY ICE, MY CAR so sharing items between Deqlan and Keaton can get a little hair raising at times, but all part and parcel of growing up! He has also started pointing to Meggies tummy when we ask where Khloe is – if i didn’t mention it before , this is the gorgeous name Megs and Conrad have chosen for the little girl due 17 May 2010- Megs tummy is growing more beautifully by the day and we are beside ourselves with excitement! Its lovely to walk into a shop and now ooh and aahh at the boys AND girls items

Well, we off to fetch Deqlan, one of my favourite parts of the day. Praying you all have a blessed, safe weekend, please continue the prayers for all the cancer warriors, angels and survivors around the world. Please also pray for all the autism heroes around the world!

God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sam, mark,Deqlan,Bev and family,
Thinking and praying for you at this difficult time.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight ,
Praying for healing of Deqlan from the candida.
LOve Ruth xxx