Sunday, February 7, 2010


I was really heartsore to just learn that Santi passed away this morning. His parents continue to be such faithful servants and I ask you to pray with me for precious Santi who faught so hard against neuroblastoma, with such a positive spirit and for his parents , for Our Lord to hold them up and guide them.

Santiago went with Jesus at around 3:00 am while sleeping in his mother’s arms. Half an hour earlier I prayed with them and asked Jesus to heal Santi for once and for all, we ordered his cancer to leave and stop making suffering. Santi’s breathing was laborious and we asked him to calm down and relax, he was without fear.
I prayed an entire rosary and almost fell asleep when MJ called me again, Santi was not breathing anymore. He stop doing so in peace without struggle, a few seconds before he complained about pain in his side, neck, etc. he went to fetal position and laid his head in MJ’s chest, very slowly, very slowly he relaxed his breathing. And there he went.
Before dinner, last night, he asked me to hug him, I hugged him.
Two or three days ago he claimed “From Jesus we come, to Jesus we go”. Amen!
The cycle of a wonderful life has been accomplished. We thank the Lord for showing us that love can save lives; we dedicated nine years of our lives to love this child because we believe that only Love makes one completely happy. Santi never stopped being happy, he recently observed that he always has an optimistic heart and he never, never gives up. I am not going to describe all that cancer did to his body, but I assure you that his spirit was never affected.
--Juan Santiago Wall, our beloved son, wait for us; when God calls us, we’ll be there. In the meantime, play, dance, have fun, and rejoice in the presence of Jesus, look him in the eye and tell him we love him and thank him for the uncountable blessings he gives us. Give Ale a hug and another one to Jose Luis.--
We thank you all for your prayers and for being so close, please don’t leave us.
Now, let’s rejoice! Santi has arrived to Heaven, the bells are singing, Halleluiah! This is the day the Lord made! Glory to God, glory to God, glory to God!

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