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Hi All
My dear, nutty friend, Lisa Baird, is climbing Kilimanjaro for AHODF. Pls visit to support her and AHODF. Read more below if you wish to know the story and please forward this mail to all your millions of contacts.

"Hello friends
Firstly, apologies for the mass email but believe me when I say, I am speaking to each and every one of you!
You may (or may not) know I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in, oh about …. three weeks time. It's been one of my dreams (for as long as I can remember). I will be approaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro by the challenging Shira Route which is an "exhilarating option for walkers keen to explore less trodden trails". Knowing my propensity for getting lost, I'm quite relieved to know that I will be accompanied by not 1 but 3 experienced guides. I will be hiking through magnificent mountain scenery that extends from the volcanic summit at Uhuru Peak (5896m) on the crater rim to the vast African plains. After 8 days of this, I will be exhausted but I will have been to the Roof of Africa!
I've decided to do something I've always dreamed of doing - and what better way to enjoy the privilege, than by assisting a worthy cause. There are so many worthy causes out there, that picking one is not easy.
All-Hands-on-Dec-Friends (AHODF) came into being just as Declan Du Toit’s life came to an end at the tender age of 8 months, the result of being born with cancer. AHODF helps innocent children, who through no fault of their own, are suffering as a result of cancer, either directly or indirectly and has as its aim to provide financial support in the form of either contributions to medical bills for young children fighting cancer or the provision of financial support to the other children in the family, where their needs are not being adequately met due to the financial strain of medical bills eg payment of school fees, provision of food vouchers, etc.
So, whether you have a healthy and happy child, godchild, niece or nephew, or you know a family where a young child is fighting a battle against cancer, or even if you just feel like making a few pounds, euros, dollars or Rands go somewhere other than the taxman, the grocery store or the pub, then please please please dip into your pockets and make a small donation to
Every penny goes straight to the charity, AHODF based in South Africa and will be used to make the life of a young child struggling with the fight against cancer, that little bit easier. And remember, no matter how small the donation, it all adds up - especially once its been converted to Rands!"
Lisa BairdSenior AssociatePinsent Masons LLPDDI +44 (0) 20 7490 6291Internal Ext -

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